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Micro Houndstooth Geo Navy Non-Iron Shirt

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Micro Houndstooth Geo Navy Non-Iron Shirt

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Machine washable.
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Fits so well you'll think it's custom-made.

Point Collar

One of the most popular collar styles that has a more narrow spread between the collar points than the semi spread. Perfect for smaller knot types, like the four in hand.

Longer Length

Stays tucked in all day long and doesn't bunch around the waist.


Specially treated to be true Non-Iron and remain wrinkle-free all day long. Simply throw in the washer & dryer, no ironing board required.

Extra Details

Two-button cuff, French front, no pocket. Every shirt includes two extra buttons and plastic collar stays.

Wear With

This shirt pairs great with a navy or grey suit along with any of our non-iron chinos. For a wedding, try pairing with a dark navy blazer - you will definitely show your unique style and attention to detail.


With the popularity of our geo patterned dress shirts, we knew you'd love some new fall options. This subtle houndstooth pattern will get you through any day of the week. Your closet will appreciate the change up. Available in trim fit.

How To Match

Although this shirt has an all-over pattern, the pattern is small enough to pair nicely with a wide range of styles. Try any shade of blue or pops of green and burgundy. We love pairing this shirt with florals or large stripe and plaid patterned ties. For more casual days, feel free to lose the tie and wear with your favorite navy blazer, just don't forget that white linen pocket square to give it a polished look.


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