men's dress shirt and casual shirt size guide

men's dress shirt and casual shirt size guide

Looking for The Perfect Dress Shirt Or Casual Shirt? Find Your Best Fit With Our Men's Dress Shirt Size Guide and Shirt Measurement Chart

About Our Men's Dress Shirt And Casual Shirt Fits

Two modern fits

So what's the difference?

Standard Fit

Has breathing room,lightly fitted Tapered to eliminate the blousy effect Longer length so it remains tucked in

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Trim Fit

More trim to the body than the standard fit Higher armhole and no excess fabric Longer length so it remains tucked in

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Front view for show difference between Standard and Trim Fit shirt after wear

About Our Men's Casual Shirt Length

Can be worn tucked in or untucked, offered in our trim or standard fits

Front view for tucked in and untucked shirt

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Shirt Measurements

For further assistance on sizing, chat to a stylist below.

Standard Fit Measurements

14.5" 40" 36"
15" 42" 38"
15.5" 44" 40"
16" 46" 42"
16.5" 48" 44"
17" 50" 46"
17.5" 52" 48"
18" 54" 50"
18.5" 56" 52"

Trim Fit Measurements

14.5" 39" 35.5"
15" 41" 37.5"
15.5" 43" 39.5"
16" 45" 41.5"
16.5" 47" 43.5"
17" 49" 45.5"
17.5" 51" 47.5"
18" 53" 49.5"
18.5" 55" 51.5"

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How To Measure: Men's Dress Shirt And Casual Shirt Measurements

Watch these videos to get your fit right

Neck Size Measurement
Sleeve Length Measurement

Don't have a measuring tape? Use a piece of string to measure and lay it flat against a ruler.

Men's Dress Shirt And Casual Shirt Size Chart

We always recommend measuring yourself, however if you need a reference point, we have included average US sizes in our men's dress shirt size chart

SizeAvg. Neck SizeAvg. Sleeve Length
S14.5-15.5"32/33, 34/35"
M15-16.5"32/33, 34/35, 36/37"
L16.5-17.5"32/33, 34/35, 36/37"
XL17-19"34/35, 36/37"

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