Necktie Size Guide

Size Does Matter. Use Our Tie Width Chart & Tie Size Guide To Find The Best Fit.

Tie Widths

Super Skinny: 2" wide

Build: Slim

Jacket Lapel: Very Slim

Skinny: 2½" wide

Build: Average

Jacket Lapel: Slim

Modern: 3" wide

Build: Athletic

Jacket Lapel: Classic

Traditional: 3¼" wide

Build: Broad

Jacket Lapel: Wide

Tie Lengths

Boys: 48" long
Regular Length: 58" long
Extra Long: 63" long
Note: Not all ties are available in all lengths
Is the tie similar in size to the width of your jacket's lapel?
Is the tie proportionate to your body size?
Does the tie appropriately represent your style?
If you can answer "yes" to all three of these questions, you’ve successfully chosen the correct width.

Finding The Right Tie

Finding the right tie size doesn’t have to be stressful! By using our tie size guide, you can instantly find the perfect tie for your personal style and fit! Ties are the go-to accessory to pair with a dress shirt so getting the right size will help complete your look and take your outfit to the next level. No matter your body type, you can really wear any size necktie you like. If you are still wary of what will look best, follow our simple suggestions to find the best size tie for your body type.

Endless Combinations

We carry all sorts of ties in each size ranging from 2" to 3.25", so whether you are looking for a silk tie for the office or a linen tie for a summer wedding we can help you look your best. Finding the perfect size tie that you feel comfortable with is the key to raising your style bar and will keep you looking your best for any occasion.

Tips From Our Expert Stylists

When wearing a necktie with a suit you want it to be equal width as the lapel of your blazer. This can help to provide visual balance in your look. When wearing it without a suit go for what’s most comfortable. A 3" tie offers a modern fit and is a nice starting point if you are unsure which tie width to try first. Looking for more tips and tricks? silk tie for the office or a Contact one of our expert stylists today.