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The Barberis Collection

By the Tie Bar

About Barberis

The Tie Bar - About The Barberis Collection

Introducing Vitale Barberis, a family run Italian wool mill dating back to 1663. Since then, Barberis has produced at this same mill in Italy, some of the finest most luxurious wool available, and this season we're bringing you a collection of wool ties and bow ties made using the world renowned premium wool.

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How It's Made

The 7-step process is what makes this fabric so unique. From washing and purifying the wool, to spinning and weaving, this wool is beyond anything you've experienced before. And of course at The Tie Bar, we're providing you this luxury premium fabric at an out-of-this-world price of $35.

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The Tie Bar - The Barberis Collection - How It's Made