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tie of the month

Update your tie collection – without thinking about it – 12 times per year.

Want to receive a new tie or bow tie each month chosen by the talented stylists at The Tie Bar? Simply select a style category below and the preferred tie version (regular width, skinny, extra-long or self-tie bow tie).

Your personal stylist at The Tie Bar will take care of the rest and keep you looking great all year! Please note that styles are not limited to what you see below; new collections are added each month.

The price of each Tie of the Month subscription includes shipping costs for standard USPS mail service. Our customer care team is happy to answer any questions at Tie of the Month is currently available for United States domestic and Canadian customers only.

Tie of the Month makes a great gift for any tie lover!

  • Best of The Tie Bar –

    All of our ties are great, but this club will earn you the best of the best. Receive 12 of our best-selling neckties/bow ties to expand your wardrobe and look great all year.

  • 12 Neck Ties $199
    12 Skinny Ties $199
    12 Extra Length Ties $259
    12 Bow Ties $199
  • Cool But Classic –

    You're a cool guy, but let's face it - you wouldn't be caught dead in tie dye. At The Tie Bar, we master mixing styles for just the right balance of classic and cool. This Tie of the Month Club will embody the hottest patterns and colors for the season, without going overboard.

  • 12 Neck Ties $199
    12 Skinny Ties $199
    12 Extra Length Ties $259
    12 Bow Ties $199
  • GQ Favorites –

    Want to look as if you walked off the pages of GQ? This Tie of the Month Club will score you 12 brag-worthy items previously featured in GQ Magazine including ties, tie bars and pocket squares.

  • 12 Month Subscription $ 199
  • Make It A Combo –

    Our infamous Tie Bar Combos will pull any outfit together. You'll receive a combination set of 3 items for 6 months.

  • 6 Neck Tie Combos $249
    6 Skinny Tie Combos $249
    6 Extra Length Tie Combos $279
    6 Bow Tie Combos $205
  • Sock It To Me –

    Step into style and receive a set of 3 socks for 4 months.

  • 12 Pairs of Socks $89