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Stripe Type - Green Teal/Aqua Regular Length (58" x 3 ½")
Stripe Type - Deep Red Regular Length (58" x 3 ½")
Stripe Type - Baby Blue Regular Length (58" x 3 ½")
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how to tie a tie


How to tie the Pratt (Shelby) knot
1. Start with the tie inside out, The wide end "A" under the narrow end "B".
2. Take wide end "A" over and under narrow end "B".
3. Pull the loop down and tighten.
4. Take wide end "A" over to the left.
5. Pull wide end "A" up, behind the loop.
6. Bring wide end "A" through the knot and gently tighten. The tip of "A" should touch your belt buckle.

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