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THE TIE BAR | GQ 2014 | 2013

GQ Magazine | June 2014

Cocktail attire. Festive. Whatever the hell "beach chic" looks like. Allow us to translate these strange new attire guidelines: The bride and groom just want you to wear your most party-hearty outfit. Nobody is going to be a stickler if you're wearing a blazer instead of a suit, as long as it fits really well and you look awesome. So here's the deal: Go for at least one conversation piece. When faced with a tie decision, wear whichever one you wouldn't at the office. And when somebody pays you a compliment, shrug and say, "I don't know what 'barnyard elegant' means, so I wore my favorite suit." Nicely played.

GQ June 2014

GQ Magazine | May 2014

"The greatest jokes, Louis C.K. tells me, never register as jokes. Not quite. The punch line of a great joke may punctuate it and make people laugh, "but it doesn't solve the joke, doesn't stop it, so the joke keeps going and going and going..." And the more it keeps going, he explains, the more it tends to "point."

GQ May 2014

GQ Magazine | April 2014

"Have you seen Taken, Taken 2, Non-Stop? At 61, Liam Neeson's reinvented himself as an action hero, proving it's never too late for an overhaul. No matter what your age, a new, razor-sharp mogul suit will make you look like the boss."

GQ April 2013

GQ Magazine | March 2014

"Greetings! Welcome to the magical world of King James. It's nice, right? Always sunny. Palm trees. A pair of championships, working on a third. The Decision? That worked out just fine. And at the center of it all, always making and remaking his world exactly as he likes it: the most stylish empire-builder in sports. "This thing is about more than just basketball," he says. Sort of makes you wonder: What will the King conquer next?"

GQ March 2014

  • Black Tie Bar - 1 ½” (Tie Bars)

    As featured in May 2013 GQ Magazine.

  • Orange - 1" (Tie Bars)


  • Mystic Blue - 1 ½" (Tie Bars)


  • Navy - 1" (Tie Bars)


  • Black Tie Bar - 1" (Tie Bars)

    As worn by Robert Downey, Jr. and Justin Timberlake in GQ. Length 1" inch

GQ Magazine | February 2014

"If you're looking to break out of the same old attire at the office, the new trick is to go for suits in fresh, not-so-cubicle-correct colors that still fall squarely within the dress code. Here, 'Mad Men' breakout James Wolk shows how to wear them while moving between meetings in Miami."

GQ February 2014

GQ Magazine | January 2014

"You know the guy who once made playing jerks look too easy? Well, he's now an international box-office draw and Oscar nominee. (Speaks French, too!)"

GQ January 2013

  • Jacked - 1" (Tie Bars)

    As worn by Kendrick Lamar on the cover of GQ December 2013.

  • Brushed Straight Silver - 1" (Tie Bars)

    As worn by Jeff Bridges and Matthew McConaughey on the cover of GQ.

  • Glen H. Plaid Silk (Skinny)


  • White - 1” (Tie Bars)

    As seen in December 2013 GQ. Dyed Copper.

  • Silver - Onyx 1 3/8" Slide Clasp (Tie Bars)

    As seen in December 2013 GQ.

  • Gun Metal Align - 1" (Tie Bars)

    As seen in December 2013 GQ.

  • Silver Shot - 1 ½” Matte (Tie Bar)

    As seen in December 2013 GQ.

  • Solid White Cotton (Burgundy Border)

    As worn by Ryan Gosling in Esquire September 2011. Hand-rolled edges

  • Red - 1 ½”

    As worn by Jonah Hill and featured in December 2013 GQ. Dyed Copper.

GQ Magazine | December 2013

"To play an astronaut, you should know a little something about space. To play a basketball player, it helps to be tall and maybe have a little game. And to play a newsman, it makes sense to bone up a bit on current events. Unless, of course, that newsman is Ron Burgundy, in which case the more you know, the less prepared you are. To find out if Will Ferrell possessed the all-around ineptitude to properly embody this journalistic colossus, GQ challenged him with a 2013 news quiz. The good news: He got pretty much everything wrong."

GQ December 2013

  • Gold Align - 1" (Tie Bars)


  • Fuschia - 1” (Tie Bars)

    Dyed Copper

  • Solid White Cotton Round (Red

    Serged edges

  • Royal Blue - 1" (Tie Bars)

    Dyed Copper. As featured in January
    2012 GQ Magazine.

  • Symmetry - 1 ½" (Tie Bars)

    Made with Onyx

  • Boom Slide Clasp - 1 ½" (Tie Bars)

    Read about how to use a Slide Clasp right here

  • Knit Alt Stripe - Metallic Gray

    Handmade of 100% Knitted Silk

  • Gun Metal Shot - 1" (Tie Bars)


GQ Magazine | November 2013

"Six Easy Ways to Jolt Your Look to Life. Maybe your old suits need a little CPR. Or maybe you just copped a brand-new number and want to trick it out to the fullest. Either way, these are the sartorial innovations that'll maximize any suit's potential. "

GQ November 2013

  • Brushed Straight Silver - 1" (Tie Bars)

    As worn by Jeff Bridges on the cover of GQ October 2013

  • Eggplant - 1" (Tie Bars)

    As featured in GQ Magazine November
    2012. Dyed Copper

  • Black Tie Bar - 1" (Tie Bars)

    As worn by Robert Downey, Jr. and Justin Timberlake in GQ. Length 1" inch

  • Solid White Cotton (Hunter Green Border)

    Classic solid white pocket square with an elegant hand rolled hunter green border.

GQ Magazine | October 2013

"You might think a topcoat is something a British butler might wear. Technically, you'd be correct, but the new spirit of the topcoat is more, well, Jeff Bridges than all that: unfussy, unstudied, and just as comfortable with jeans as with a suit."

GQ October 2013

  • Black Tie Bar - 1" (Tie Bars)

    As worn by Robert Downey, Jr. and Justin Timberlake in GQ. Length 1" inch

  • Solid White Linen (Light Blue Border)

    Flat seamed edges

  • Big Table Plaid - Turquoise/Green (Cotton)

    As seen in GQ September 2013 Our popular table plaid pattern, redefined.

  • Wool Suiting - Glen Plaid Sparkle (Skinny)

    Cut from 100% wool suiting fabric. A subtle and yet trendy necktie.

  • Peach - 1" (Tie Bars)

    Dyed Copper

  • Mystic Blue - 1" (Tie Bars)

    Dyed Copper. As featured in February 2013 GQ.

GQ Magazine | September 2013

"Pomade. Varsity jackets. Skinny leather ties. Penny loafers with white socks. It's all part of a look rooted in the 1950s American-greaser and British-teddy-boy culture– and it's all roaring back. No one embodies the new era of this retro look more convincingly than Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner."

GQ July 2013

  • Brushed Straight Silver - 1 ½"
    (Tie Bars)

    As worn by Bryan Cranston on the cover of GQ August 2013

  • Silver Shot - 1 ¾" Matte (Tie Bars)


GQ Magazine | August 2013

"A cancer-ridden science teacher transforms himself into a sinister meth lord. That's the story of 'Breaking Bad.' But it's also the story of how Bryan Cranston became TV's greatest leading man. As the show enters its final stretch, GQ's Brett Martin discovers why Walter White will always live on."

GQ July 2013

GQ Magazine | July 2013

"When historians are writing the story of our time, they will marvel at the emergence of the Internet, the invention of the Cool Ranch taco shell, and the fact that you could buy a great pair of shorts for a ludicrously meager sum of cash. Here, NBA draft prospect Trey Burke shows you don't need a million-dollar contract to style yourself like a wealthy baller. Note: All fifty pieces here mix and match up perfectly, so you can't make a mistake."

GQ July 2013

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