“I’m addicted to The Tie Bar now….I’m considering making it my home page! As a Dallas/Fort Worth meteorologist on the local CBS station, I love showing my new ties off on the air. I’ve received several compliments and will continue to order from you guys! Thanks so much.”
– Jeff Jamison, CBS-11 News, Dallas,

“I just found The Tie Bar! I LOVE IT. I work as a News Anchor for CBS in Dallas, and our Meteorologist told me about your site. I just bought 9 ties and a pair of cufflinks. Thanks!”
– Scott Sams, CBS-11 News, Dallas, TX

“I'm a news anchor in Omaha, and probably own about 30 of your ties - I absolutely LOVE them! I haven't bought aTalbot in years!”
– Taylor Wilson, KPTM-42 FOX, Omaha, NE

“Wow!! These are the most beautiful three ties (and pocket square) in the world!! I must just have fantastic taste or you make wonderful patterns!!”
– Andy Gilchrist (Men's Clothing Expert), Manhattan Beach, CA

“I wanted to say a huge thank you for the ties and pocket squares I ordered from you. They arrived quickly and I couldn't be happier with the selection and the whole process. I work as the entertainment reporter for CBS Cleveland, and I wear suits every day on air. Both ties have been a hit with our viewers. I keep getting complimented on them! Thank you again.”
– Chris Van Vliet, Entertainment Reporter, WOIO-TV CBS-19 Cleveland, OH

“I am an announcer with the Golf Channel. I wanted to pass along to you that I discovered The Tie Bar last year and I love your ties. I wear an XL tie and your selection is amazing. The website works great and shipping has always been spot on. I've got a large selection of your ties and just ordered another batch. Keep up the great work!”
– Charlie Rymer, Golf Channel, Orlando, FL

“I just received my first order of ties from you and...oh my God...I am AMAZED! Your ties are GORGEOUS -- even more beautiful than they appear online (and your web site is really nice!). Your prices are impossible to believe, I received my order in about three days and your customer service is unsurpassed. I work as a TV news anchor for ABC in New York City. People constantly e-mail me asking where I buy my clothes. I promise they will get a link to your web site. PLEASE BE THERE FOREVER! You will be getting a lot of future orders from me! YOU ROCK!”
– Ken Rosato, WABC-TV, Anchor, New York, NY

“WOW.......I just received two of your ties and wanted to let you know how great they look. After reading the article about your company in the Chicago Tribune I decided to order two of your ties. I am completely sold on your ties. Great colors, great designs, quick service and a great price. Thank you!!!!”
– Steve N., Evanston, IL

“I just yesterday received two ties from your shop. Just got a little tired of Brooks Brothers' prices. I can honestly tell you, your ties are every bit as good, your selection better, and your prices unbelievable. You have a new customer.”
– Michael F., Hammond, LA

“I just received my order today. The shipping was fast, and the ties are beautiful. Unfortunately, you're doing nothing to help me cope with my tie addiction! I'll be buying from you again, be sure. Keep up the great work.”
– Bryan A., Castle Rock, CO

“Just received my first 3 ties and, wow, I'm sold! The vibrant colors and craftmanship are incredible. And all for less than I would normally have paid for one of similar quality at the local haberdashery. I'll be back.”
– Ken E., Ottawa, ON (Canada)

“Your ties are great. All these years wearing expensive ties with brand names. No more. Your ties are as nice, if not better. The quality is unreal for the price. You just got a new customer and will be buying your ties from now on.”
– Neal B., Weymouth, MA

“I just received my first order for three ties. WOW! I am really impressed. Like others in the testimonials area on your website, I was amazed! The quality, backing and lining, and hand feel is as good as or better than any tie I have ever bought costing $60-$90. I will be a customer for a very long time and have already emailed many of my friends and clients. Please keep offering great styles and value.”
– Jack E., Columbia, SC

“Received my order today. I don't normally respond in this way but I just wanted you to know that the quality of your ties is excellent. I have very good taste when it comes to clothing and I must say, I was surprised with the quality of your ties for the price. I just received some ties from Paul Frederick which I paid more than twice the price and they not near the quality. I'm in the process of placing another order on your website for additional ties and some cuff links.”
– John H., Riverside, CA

“I just received 6 of your ties and they are all outstanding. I intend to express my approval the old-fashioned way by continuing to shop with you in the future. Great business model and great execution. Thanks for making great ties that are long enough and wide enough at a great price - I'm a public defender so I'm in court every day and I need lots of ties that are wide enough and long enough to fit me. (You can't rotate the same ties too many times or the D.A.'s will mock you.) ”
– John D., Carrboro, NC

“I was pretty skeptical on ordering ties from your site, but I took a leap of faith and I am super happy that I did. I now cringe at the thought of ever buying a $60-$90 tie ever again. Thank you for being the tie masters that you are! Keep it up and I will surely order more and most likely my whole office will as well!”
– Phillip J., Parker, CO

“I recently purchased 2 ties based on a co-worker's recommendations. First of all, I received the ties very quickly. Second, I wore my red paisley tie today and the very first person to see me at Starbucks said "I love your tie." Great product at a phenomenal price! Keep up the good work.”
– Mike S., Jacksonville, FL

“Many thanks for the ties received on the date you said they would be. They are superb quality, wonderful colors and will not be the last order that you will get from me. My internet search for a bow tie supplier came up with one just a few miles from my home but the prices,designs and colors were not nearly as good as your website, and the amazing thing was that they would have cost me the same or more (certainly not less) than your products even with the shipping costs to the U.K. The shipment was tracked by you to my door and I got an e-mail from the carrier confirming that you had been informed of the delivery. Absolutely brilliant service. Once again my thanks to you.”
– Stanley C., Bath, England

“I don't think there is much I can add that hasn't already been said about the incredible ties you have on your site. The testimonials say it all. I just received my order of 8 new ties, and to spend around $120 total.....I'm still trying to figure that out. Not sure if it's legal, but keep doing it, and I'll keep buying!! Thanks for helping us guys find AFFORDABLE QUALITY professional attire!”
– Jack S., Lake Worth, FL

“I purchased several ties from your company sometime in April of this year and I must say I am very pleased with my order. I have received numerous compliments and the Check –Me-Out Paisley- Powder has been a hit! Again, thank you for the lovely merchandise and your assistance.”
– Wayne E., Dix Hills, NY

“I am a first-time customer of yours, and I have to write to say that the ties I received are the best quality ties I've ever had the pleasure of owning. The photos on the website hardly do justice to the quality and colorful details that your ties offer. At $20 for an extra length tie, I feel that I've really found quite a bargain for excellent quality ties. I stand at 6 feet 2 inches tall, and finding extra length ties is all but impossible. And again, the colors and textures offered in each of the 4 ties I ordered is phenomenal!! I am now a customer of yours for life. Also, the turnaround time from placing the order, to receipt of the ties was fantastic! Thank You, Thank You”
– John T., Phoenix, AZ

“This is the most ridiculous site I have ever visited. No one else offers the variety and quality ties that you have at your site. I have told anyone I know that has ever worn a tie that if they aren't purchasing silk ties from thetiebar.com then they should probably stop buying ties. Keep doing what your doing.”
– Gabriel C., Washington D.C.

“I just wanted to say that I’ve been very impressed with your ties and service. As a civilian serving with the military overseas, I can still get a great tie in about a week. I used to be an exclusive shopper at another retail outlet. However, I don’t think I’ve bought any ties from them in nearly a year. I just ordered three more from you. Keep it up!”
– Kevin S., Tokyo, Japan

“My wedding party looked GREAT thanks to The Tie Bar and their FANTASTIC customer service. I had trouble finding enough ties to match my groomsmen's suits, but The Tie Bar had just what I was looking for. They were backordered when I ordered them, but The Tie Bar owner was able to get them to me in time for the big day! Thanks so much and I will definitely be doing business again and recommending The Tie Bar to everyone!”
– Jackie A., Madison, FL

“I have been wearing your bowties for about a year now. I have gotten so many compliments that its mind blowing. As member of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Guest Services team, your ties get great exposure. It is as if I am a walking commercial keep up the good work. In addition, my wife says that if you keep it up I’ll have as many ties as she has purses. Great job!”
– Reggie B., Elkton, MD

“Got my ties today and I have to say…they’re great! Great quality at an unbelievable price. I’ve spent 4 times what I’ve paid for similar quality. You’ve got them beat. Anyway, keep up the good work!”
– James M., Las Vegas, NV

“I was searching for a company that has ties at a discounted price, when I found your site. After viewing the testimonials and media coverage, I bought about 18 ties and figured if I didn't like them in person, I'd just return them. I was pleasantly surprised when I received them. These ties are beautiful and I receive tons of compliments. I constantly bring your company up in conversations to share this hidden treasure. I just ordered 7 more ties...I wanted more but I found myself spending too much..which is a great problem to have.”
– Benjamin M., Houston, TX

“During the months before our wedding, we were having a hard time finding ties for our groomsmen. All of the ties we found looked ʽcheapʼ or were so expensive; if we wanted to purchase them, we would have to lose half of our guests!! We decided to look online for some ties and we came across your company. Someone MUST have been looking down on us that day because finding your site was truly a blessing. We purchased the ties on a Sunday evening and by Tuesday morning they were at our door...in Canada! Thank you for making our special day so SPECIAL!!”
– Steve & Erica L., Hamilton, ON, Canada

“This e-mail is a request that you cease and desist from making new ties immediately. You are costing me way too much money! Thank you for your anticipated attention to this matter. All the best!”
– Jay T., Mount Hope, ON, Canada

“I received my recent order and continue to be impressed with the quality of your product. The pictures on your website are great but don't do them justice. I have gotten many compliments about your ties and always tell them where to go to buy them. There is no question that the quality for the price is simply unmatched!”
– Howard L., Brooklyn, NY

“I just received four ties that I ordered as a “test.” I am amazed at the quality of these ties. I would expect to pay $60+ for ties like these at some of the big-name stores. Your ties and service are outstanding. I will recommend your site to all of my co-workers.”
– Fred L., Chicago, IL

“I just wanted to let you know that you are doing a GREAT job! The ties that I just ordered came in within 2 days of placing the order, and they are gorgeous! Thank you for helping me with my Christmas shopping once again. Both my dad and my hubby are big fans of The Tie Bar since I discovered you. I love the fact that the ties look great on-line, but they are even better when you receive them. The quality is definitely top-notch, and the designs and patterns that you have available are trendy, yet not over the top, which leaves the only difficult part, deciding which ones to choose! Thanks again for the excellent quality and terrific service that you provide. I'll be ordering again soon! ”
– Laurette, Edmonton, AB, Canada

“I just received my tie order and have one MAJOR problem. I should have purchased all of them. I love them and will order a lot more in the next couple days. Thanks so much, and I will for sure spread your company name around.”
– Larry D., Huntersville, NC

“I work at a high-end fashion retail store for men, and a customer of mine told me about TheTieBar.com. I checked it out the following evening and was thoroughly pleased with the colors, patterns and styles of ties offered. Hesitant about the quality of the ties, I only ordered two ties…what’s thirty bucks. Lo and behold, these were great quality neck ties made from high quality fabrics. Not only did I receive numerous comments on my ties, but I was asked how much did I spend on such a splendid neck tie and more importantly; where did I get it. I’ve told all my co-workers and friends about TheTieBar.com and how great of a product they produce along with the great delivery service. Nice work Tie Bar!”
– Michael M., Chicago, IL

“I’m very pleased with my order from The Tie Bar. I’ve gotten plenty of compliments on the ties and shirts and the quality is exceptional. I don’t think there’s a better deal out there. I’m spreading the word.”
– Will J., Dallas TX

“Now that I've worn my new bow ties, I have to write back that I am impressed. The value is superior, the quality of the silk is wonderful. They tie up beautifully. Looking forward to the new spring and summer colors.”
– Kenneth G., Cambridge, MA

“I just recieved my order from you earlier this week and WOW was I surprised by the quality. Since I'm in sales, I'm always on the prowl for ties which will set me apart from the crowd and I have finally found that place. I am very particular about my ties and yours exceeded all of my expectations. Thank you for creating a place for me to purchase quality ties at affordable prices. I am now a customer for life.”
– Aziz M., San Antonio, TX

“You guys have given me a new life with your classy bow ties. I went through 62 years without them and now I'm having fun every morning I wake up deciding which bow tie to wear. I now have close to 40 of yours and no one else's.”
– Andrew R., Alexandria, VA

“I found your website and ordered 6 ties. But quite frankly, I had my doubts as to the quality of the merchandise. But I just received my order (in less than 48 hours) and these ties are fantastic. I took off the one I wore to work today and put on one of my new ones. Their quality surpasses the $40+ ties I've seen (and reluctantly purchased) in the department stores. Never again! This is one doubting Thomas that you've convinced.”
– Robert S., St. Louis, MO

“After months of searching for the right groomsman ties in department stores and high end online retailers, we somehow came upon The Tie Bar though what I can only imagine was an act of God!! We found the EXACT color match to the bridesmaids dresses, and were amazed at the prices for such beautiful ties and at the ease of ordering. Even though it was pretty last minute, samples were sent to us and in no time we had placed & soon after received our final order. I can express to you how REFRESHING it was to have such a compentent and quality company handling this very important element of our wedding!! The owner was never too busy to talk to us and answer all of our questions, and in general everyone was very friendly and helpful. Just wanted to send along a few pics so you could all see for yourselves how amazing everything turned out. Thank you so much!!”
– Krissy V., Fort Wayne, IN

“I wanted to thank everyone at The Tie Bar. I got married in May and had a fairly large wedding party (9 plus a ring boy), and I ordered ties from you. The ties looked great and we got many compliments on them. I ordered a few others for work and must say the quality is unmatched, even compared $80 ties. Thanks for making nice easily affordable ties.”
– Greg M., Greensboro, NC

“I received my ties last Friday and am wearing one of them TODAY!!! . I have had numerous compliments on my long ties I ordered from you largely because I had worn bow ties almost exclusively for the past few years. I am referred some of my fellow justices to your web page and do hope that they enjoy your ties as much as I have. I wish you continued success.”
– Justice Joseph Watt, Oklahoma City, OK

“A friend told me about you guys and I was excited to give you guys a shot... I too wear suits to work everyday and was appalled at the cost of ties! This site has been freaking awesome! I can pretty much guarantee I will never buy a tie from Macy's, Nordstroms, etc. ever again. Why would I?”
– Jeff H., Phoenix, AZ

“At 6' 3", I need long ties. When you are able to find them, the prices are high and the selection is poor. Am I ever glad I found The Tie Bar! The selection of long ties is outstanding. The styles and patterns are up to date, and the quality is top-notch. I get compliments every time I wear my Tie Bar ties. They knot very nicely and drape well. You can easily spend more than $100 on a hip, long-length tie without getting quality anywhere close to a Tie Bar tie.”
– Thomas V., Lakeland, FL

“Best Website Ever. You’d think I was an investor with how many people I send to your site. Seriously great job folks. I’ve received compliments on every tie I’ve purchased. Here’s hoping you’re all making money and having fun. ”
– Michael M., Chicago, IL

“I read the recent Chicago Tribune article and was moved to go online. Your site is great and caused me to buy three ties. They are great! In fact, I brought one with me on the business trip I am on now. I will buy more. I will still buy my suits at Nordstrom, but you have stolen my tie purchases!”
– Ron O., Chicago, IL

“I just placed my 3rd order with your company. Almost everyday, I wear one of your ties that are made of superior quality at a very fair price. I receive complements almost every time I wear one of your ties (what a confidence booster). Thanks!”
– Steven H., North Port, FL

“Just got your ties in today. They are absolutely beautiful and the shipping, and the ease of order was terrific. It's nice to know that I've got a place to get great ties at wonderful prices, and I don't have to pay the horrific mall prices anymore. Thanks ya'll!”
– Rev. Ron Winkler, Granite Falls, NC

“I just wanted to say thank you the excellent service. The ties arrived in plenty of time and look better than I had hoped. They are going to look great on the guys in our wedding! I look forward to ordering from you in the future and will highly recommend your services.”
– Jacqui M., Kent, OH

“Very nice and good quality men silk dress ties!!!! The ties arrived two days after ordering them. These prices are hard to pass up; I will definitely pass The Tie Bar website to my friends and family to make purchases. Thanks! I will order more ties.”
– Kevin G., Bellevue, NE

“I love your ties. I'm a teacher and I love wearing the very bright and colorful ones for the students. They always love to comment on them. The quality is superb as well, and being stain resistant is a must for a klutz.”
– Rich D., Lynn, MA

“I just received my order of two ties and one dress shirt that. I have only one word - WOW! I must say that I am highly impressed with the quality and value of your product. I can assure you that I have become a regular customer and I will spread the word to my fellow employees, as well. Thank you!!”
– Medric S., Plaquemine, LA

“Thanks for making great ties at great prices, and especially adding bow ties to your inventory. Keep up the good work. I hope your business is flourishing.”
– Ben M., London, England

“I just placed my second order with you. The first ties and pocket squares I bought are great and look like $50 ones. I had made the suggestion that you make your pocket squares larger and voila!....there you have it! It was great to see you offer the larger size. I hope your business does real well.”
– Kent B., Mountlake Terrace, WA

“The day of over paying for ties and bow ties or over. I received my order the from you guys and I was amazed with the quality of the product. Thanks.”
– Rodney S., Charlotte, NC

“Over the years we have purchased ties everywhere from department stores to uniform shops. This is the second year we are using ties from The Tie Bar. It is a pleasure to look online, choose a tie, make one phone call and know that the ties will arrive, as promised, when promised! Your product is an excellent quality tie, in the quantities we need, at a reasonable price. All the pilots are extremely pleased with the quality and design of your products. The ties are worn on a daily basis, dry cleaned repeatedly. I look forward to continue doing business with you in the future.”
– Meg K., Aviation Mgmt. & Consulting, Lisle, IL

“The ties arrived at my office in Vladivostok yesterday and they are terrific! I look forward to wearing one of them today, and I could not be more pleased with the quality or the price. The thickness of the ties is just right for me, and the colors are bright and crisp. Although I previously have purchased ties online from several other sources in the United States and England, it is clear now that you have no competitors. Thanks again.”
– Stan E., Vladivostok, Russia

“Holy Smokes!!!! I got my ties today. That was quick!!!! The quality of the ties is top notch. I had them delivered to my work and even switched the tie I was wearing for one of the new ones you sent me. I am very, very picky about my ties , and often spend well over $125 per tie. I stumbled onto your website and liked many of the patterns that were there, however I was very skeptical about the quality. I like a thick tie, the kind that is often only found in a $100+ designer tie. Your website was done very well and the ties appeared to be on the thicker side so I thought I would give it a shot. I bought 3 to start. I figured I had nothing to loose for $50 out the door and delivered to mine in less than 3 business days! I WILL BE BACK FOR MORE!!!! Keep the new styles coming, as I plan on buying 30+ ties over the next year.”
– John G., Gig Harbor, WA

“I ordered two bowties from The Tie Bar, and I loved them both! I have converted to wearing mostly bowties and your site has some of the best designs for bowties. The prices are in line with some of the bargain sites, but the quality is that of the higher end sites which sale for $45 to $60 per tie. I believe in looking nice but not having to pay exorbitant prices and your site fits into my bill. I referred your site to my friends. You have converted me to a regular customer of your bowties. Thanks again!”
– Maurice B., Philadelphia, PA

“I received my ties the other day and wanted to e-mail how impressed I am. They look even better then the pictures!! I have to say I was worried about the quality/thickness of the ties since the price was so low. You have totally shocked me; they are awesome in both categories. I already have people in my office placing orders for ties. Again, thanks for the great service. I will definitely be back.”
– Jay D., Phoenix, AZ

“You guys are the greatest. I only buy ties from TheTieBar.com. Not a day goes by that I don't recommend your site to someone. I recently was at a holiday party at the Whitehouse and took a picture with the President in one of your ties. Keep it up.”
– Steve B., New York, NY

“Over the years, I have bought a lot of high end ties for my husband including Ferragamo, Nicole Miller and Hermes. The Tie Bar ties are the only ones he gets complimented on. Hurray for my secret source of great neckwear!! So, thanks for your help and thanks for having such great ties!”
– Robin H., Hawthorn Woods, IL

“I'll never leave the house again to buy a tie. I just bought my first two ties thinking that I just might be throwing away $30. Boy, was I wrong. The quality of the ties was unbelievable. I have since recommended The Tie Bar to all of my friends.”
– Shannon W., Shreveport, LA

“I am the gentleman that contacted you a few months ago about a tie that had the Tiffany Blue in it. I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I appreciate you getting the exact ties that I needed. I am VERY impressed. I also wanted to comment on the quality of ties that you offer. It is a rarity to find ties of this quality, even with a lot of the so-called “high end” providers. Keep up the good work!”
– Clyde C., Alpharetta, GA

“My wife stumbled across your website, searching for long neck ties about a year ago. I am 6' 5" and finding long ties, that aren't skinny at the knot is very difficult. We ordered one, to see if these handmade, silk ties were legit. Man! Was I surprised. I have since ordered at least 6 or 7 more, and will only buy The Tie Bar ties from now on.”
– David L., Huntsville, AL

“I just wanted to let you know that I received the ties in the mail today. They are beautiful! I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your help and also the upgrade in shipping. That was really nice of you. Thank you again for the time you took with me.”
– Gwendolyn E., Amsterdam, NY

“The ties and scarves arrived and they are FANTASTIC!!! I have already re-distributed what is going to our bank branch employees so they will be able to wear them on Day 1 of our new bank!! I know this won't sound like a big deal to you, but for us, this is really BIG. Thank you again for taking such good care of this - your product and service are stellar!!!”
– Roberta C., Fremont Investment Bank, Fremont, CA

“I'm wearing one of your ties today. I have received a lot of compliments on them. They are nice and solid...Not flimsy, and they hold their knots well. Beautiful colors and designs that are out of the ordinary. They make me actually look like I know what I'm talking about. Way to go, Tie Bar.”
– Mike J., New York, NY

“I just had to write to tell you how thrilled I am with your product. I spent a couple of frustrating hours searching the internet for matching men's and boy's ties,so I was relieved when I found The Tie Bar website. My order arrived quickly and the ties are absolutely gorgeous. My fiance and my sons will be wearing them for our wedding and I'll be telling everyone about this website! Thank you!”
– Donna R., Muncy, PA

“Like many others testimonials have stated, I was a little skeptical about the quality of the ties, but I ordered one figuring I could return it if I did not like the quality. Needless to say, I just ordered three more . Great tie, great quality, and great prices. Keep up the good work.”
– Tom C., Charlotte, NC

“Wow! 8 ties for what I would normally pay for 2. You guys are 1st class all the way and the ties are fantastic!”
– Barclay B., Princeton, KY

“I just received my bow and neck ties (five total) and they're all beauties. I have recently transitioned from electrical contracting to sales and needed to invest in new wardrobe. I am so glad I found you guys, you really made it easy. The service was great, the quality superb and the price is probably going to turn me into a tie junkie. I'll definitely purchase again!”
– Thomas M., Encinitas, CA

“I love your store! Excellent tie selection and unbeatable prices! Shipping cost is right in line with the weight. I truly appreciate you making this process of connecting a shirt to a tie easy for me. I'll spread the word about this website any chance I get. Thank you!”
– Michelle S., Britton, MI

“My husband and I - as well as the 8 groomsmen and 2 dads - would like to thank you for your help with our wedding. We ordered the PinDot Clover Green tie from your company. They were delivered quickly and are high quality. They were exactly what we were wanted. The bold color was great for summer and looked really sharp with the suits. Thank you!”
– Laurie H., Woburn, MA

“Thank you so much for being out there. Everything from the actual tie all the way down to the attention to detail with care information and how to pack ties blew me away. I received my tie in just 2 days and it was exactly as shown on the website. The tie is beautiful and I plan to be a long time customer. Thank you for your attention to detail and your unbeatable prices!”
– David B., Columbus, OH

“I have been a customer for many years because your ties are excellent, affordable, and accessible. If the government was run like The Tie Bar, only people with a hole in their yacht would be screaming for a “bailout”! Keep up the good work!”
– Carl B., Plainfield, IL

“I have ordered quite a few ties and you are the best. Just recieved my order, and as usual, the ties were packed professionally and are great looking ties. I always get a lot of compliments on these ties and I recommend everyone to you. You cannot beat the prices as well as the quality. Thanks again!”
– Matias C., Miami, FL

“These ties look awesome. Thanks again for all your help. By the way I am very impressed with your site. Quite a few of my friends are going through this exact situation right now for their weddings and I have recommended your site to every one of them.”
– Mike W., Seattle, WA

“Just received my order of eight ties today. My husband and I both agreed that they were the best looking ties we have seen in a while. The colors were so vivid and the patterns up to date & stylish. You are our new go to tie source! We will definitely recommend you to all our friends and business associates. Thanks again.”
– Martha M., Louisville, KY

“I have purchased ties from all over there world, and I am extremely impressed with the service and the quality. The Tie Bar, keep up the good work. I will recommend you to all my friends. You have a customer as long as you all are in business.”
– Rev. Keenan B, Chicago, IL

“I wanted to let you know that the lime polka dot ties could not be more PERFECT for my wedding if I had it comissioned!!! You have been so attentive and helpful that a huge stress has been alleviated! ”
– Leigh Anne T., Torrance, CA

“What an awesome website. Not only do you offer an amazing product at an affordable price, your customer service is outstanding. I had to call in an order once, and a real live person answered the phone and never placed me on hold. This is unheard of in 2009. Keep up the good work. I am a customer for life.”
– A. Harrison, Montgomery, AL

“Like you guys need any more compliments…BUT…I just received my first order from TheTieBar.com, and it is more than I expected! If I had one suggestion, it would be put more of your business cards in the box when the ties are delivered. I order three at first. After seeing the quality and beauty of the ties, I quickly gave the business card in the box to a relative. Then I ordered four more. The price and quality are unbeatable. I’m hooked!”
– Michael S., Montgomery, AL

“I want to thank you for confirming that "customer service" is alive and well... and on the internet, no less. I received the new black bow tie last week friday. Thank you for handling this situation in such a prompt manner. There are a lot of businesses that could learn from you. I will be a repeat customer, I assure you. Thanks again. You've got a great business model there.”
– Jeff B., Los Angeles, CA

“I am a fastidious when it comes to my suits and ties. They are my signature in my business. I like trendy bright ties. I wear all the top designer labels. I was very hesitant to order because the prices were so low. I ordered 7 ties and 6 matching squres. Order came perfectly wrapped and on time. The qualify is outstanding! The prices are rediculous! The website so easy to use. I won't by a tie without a matching square. I just put in another order. I found a bargin for ties. Don't hesitate, just order them. The colors are EXACTLY what they show on the site and the quality looks great with Hugo, Armani and Canali. If you are used to $60 to $100 for a tie don't hesitate! ”
– Michael C., Boston, MA

“I have been searching high and low for a particular type of paisley tie. I had been unable to find it and had all but given up searching. I stumbled upon your website, and "voila" there it was; that tie I had been seeking. What a great selection at such reasonable prices - I bought eight! Keep up the good work.”
– Chris T., Monticello, NY

“I wanted to explore the world of the bow tie. I purchased one of your ties, which are the best price at the level of quality anywhere! I have received nothing but positive feedback in business and out on the town.”
– James C., Lemont, IL

“Thank you to everyone at The Tie Bar! My fiancé and I purchased two ties from your website as a gift for our friends. Not knowing what to expect since I had never shopped with The Tie Bar before, I was a bit hesitant. And now, after receiving the ties today and seeing that they are indeed high quality ties, and for such a low price, we will definitely be recommending you to all of our friends and family! The customer service was top notch and so is the product. I can’t say enough about how impressed we are. Thank you so much! ”
– Kriston A., Louisville, KY

“I love the Tie Bar! I was EXTREMELY pleased with my purchase (21st century Paisley green tie). I ordered 5 for my fiance and his groomsmen. I was so happy with the quality, that I ordered another for my brother. They are beautiful ties. Happy Customer!”
– Rachel B., Shreveport, LA

“I am now placing my third order and can’t say enough on how impressed I am with the quality of your ties, your wide selection and affordable price. I’m now your devoted customer forever and I’ll tell 10 other guys for sure. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”
– Jon C., Tarrytown, NY

“I have received 5 ties in 3 working days, as promised, in Cyprus, which is the other end of the world, for very reasonable shipping charges. The ties look fantastic, quality is fantastic and the price excellent! Thank you!”
– Demetrius C., Limassol, Cyprus

“I am over the moon with the quality of your ties. I typically purchase Talbott or similar ties and pay upwards of $100 per tie. No more! My first order was for 10 ties, and I quickly placed an order for 2 more. So glad to have found you.”
– Michele W., Louisville, KY

“I just received the cream paisley tie and matching pocket square and it is BEAUTIFUL! I am so surprised by the quality of your ties and the especially by how quick I received it! I ordered it late on the 6th and came on the 9th - in Sweden! Thank you, I regret not buying more with my order! I know my boyfriend will love it! I will recommend you to everyone I know.”
– Rhea O., Linköping, Sweden

“I have found my one stop shop for self-tie bow ties! I’ve tried department stores and other places but none matches your selection or price. You guys have my business going forward as I make my transition from straight ties to bow ties. Thanks.”
– Corey S., Atlanta, GA

“I just received my bow tie today and I am absolutely in LOVE with it already! I can't wait to wear it. I tried it on at work and all my co-workers were impressed. I can't believe how "rich" the colors are. I have to be honest, I wasn't expecting a whole lot considering your great prices but I am BLOWN AWAY and can't wait to order again. I considered buying a bow tie from Club Monaco ($70.00) but I am more impressed with your quality and selection that I would rather start my collection with your items! Thanks again! ”
– Luis G., Bakersfield, CA

“First and foremost let me say you guys do a GREAT job with the quality of the neckwear. I’m thoroughly pleased with the attention to detail with the silk craftsmanship! Keep up the outstanding work, I will definitely continue to purchase neckwear!”
– Cory B., Glen Allen, VA

“I just received your bow ties in the mail. Are you kidding me? The design, construction quality, and finish of your ties are the equivalent (or better!) quality than ties I have paid over $100.00 for! Customer for life. Thank you!”
– Charles G., Stoneham, MA

“I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the awesome experience shopping at The Tie Bar. I can’t believe I received my order, through the post office no less, in just three business days. Wow! And that was standard shipping. You guys are fast! I’m now a bow tie addict, and figure over the next year I’ll probably be shopping your site once a week at least. Great selection, great product, great price, great service. What more can one ask for?”
– Shane C., Boerne, TX

“I want to thank you for all the wonderful items I've purchased from your company these past few weeks. The bow ties, ties, pocket squares, and ascots look beautiful and I really enjoy wearing them. I'll be back to purchase more items in the near future. You should see my ever growing wish list!”
– Buck D., Eastham, MA

“The Tie Bar is the place to be! I have gotten numerous compliments every time I have worn your ties! They are truly outstanding and the best. You guys have such an array of patterns and colors that it get harder each day for me to choose which one to wear. So thank you for providing such great quality and fashionable ties!”
– Jonathon S., San Pablo, CA

“Just wanted to drop a quick note to say how satisfied I am with my recent purchase. I came across your website by accident. I was quite skeptical about the quality of your product based on price. The website was fantastic and offered a great selection. Purchased 6 ties two weeks ago. Received them neatly packaged in three days. I've purchased many different ties in my day and found the ones from your store among the best. These ties were well worth the price. Don't take it from me, buy one and you'll see. Great quality, fabric and design. I'm a believer. No need to shop anywhere else.”
– Dean B., Ringwood, NJ

“I just received my five skinny ties and want to tell you that I am more than impressed! Very very satisfied with your products and want you to know that you have a customer for life.”
– Ronnie B., Little Rock, AR

“It isn't often that you find a web site that is clear and easy to maneuver while also being helpful during the shopping process. The Tie Bar has done and excellent job in assisting the customer with clear recommendations and categories, and the check out process is simple. Wonderful! Finally, the product is absolutely lovely. Having worked as a buyer in the home furnishings industry, I appreciate fine fabrics, and your silk is substantial and of nice quality. The designs come in a great range, too. Thanks!”
– Ann H., Costa Mesa, CA

“Just wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service. Your initial shipping was extremely fast. When I received the tie I ordered, I found I had ordered the wrong shade of red. I returned it and got the correct color very quickly, with no additional shipping charges. I am very pleased. I am a preacher so I am always looking for good quality ties at a good price. Thanks again for your good service.”
– Ricky P., Martin, TN

“I was so surprised at the elegance and beauty of the purple paisley ascot I received today. Wow. Beautiful. I am now a regular customer.”
– Paulius N., Cleveland, OH

“I just received my bow ties and wow! The colors are so vibrant and the fabric weight and feel are tremendous. The pictures on the website cannot begin to demonstrate the quality of these products. I compared it to another one of my other bow ties purchased at a leading department store for $60, and your bow ties far exceed that one in every measure. Thank you for offering such wonderful products at reasonable price points!”
– Carlos P., Charlotte, NC

“I just received your bow ties in the mail. Are you kidding me? The design, construction quality, and finish of your ties are the equivalent (or better!) quality than ties I have paid over $100.00 for! Customer for life. Thank you!”
– Charles G., New Orleans, LA

“I just got my first tie from you today. I had read many of the testimonials first and was still very skeptical. But WOW... don't believe it...all true. What a quality tie....thick and vibrant in color and guess what else, no wrinkles, creases or skimp in texture. I can hardly wait to wear it. I will be back. Thank you! ”
– Joe D., Long Island City, NY

“I have a wonderful collection and a great eye for ties, and wanted you to know how much I appreciate The Tie Bar. Six times a year you update your selection, and my tie collection increases six times a year. Other than fabric, workmanship and price, your ties also make a beautiful knot! I am sure you are aware, that the narrow portion of your ties is approximately 3/8" wider than the average width, which is rare and usually found on very expensive or custom ties, which is a feature I have been looking for in ties under $60 for a very long time. Most men do not realize that the knot has nothing to do with how wide a tie is, but is formed at the narrowest part of the tie, NEVER CHANGE. Purchased about 40 ties over the last two updates.”
– Edward B., Great Neck, NY

“I'm very impressed with your products and have recommended your website to many of my friends and family. I've worn your bowties out in public and have gotten several compliments on my bowties. I've recently started wearing bowties and I love them! Thanks so much for your great products and look forward to many more styles in the future.”
– Phillip W., Los Angeles, CA

“Thanks very much for your awesome product. I recently purchased two ties and an ascot and all three are great and make a nice addition to my wardrobe. Shipping was decent, even to Hawaii and you can bet that I'll be buying much more in the future. I'm moving to Japan soon and I'm glad to see that international customers are happy too, based on the testimonials. So I'll be sure to sport my Tie Bar ties in Japan and let my colleagues know about you folks too!Mahalo nui loa e The Tie Bar! ”
– Thomas M., Honolulu, HI

“I bought two ties for my husband as a gift in the summer of 2008. He was so pleased. He has ordered more since then. I placed an order for him as a gift on Monday, unbeknown to me he also placed an order two hours later. Four ties arrived today and he is thrilled. The ties are gorgeous as usual. Thank you so much for such a great product. ”
– Michele E., Chicago, IL

“Wow! What a delight to see these incredible ties and the value they represent. Thanks!”
– Peter M., Allen, TX

“Absolutely fantastic service!!!!!!!!! The ties arrived yesterday, better than most service in the UK, nevermind the States!! Have recommended you to a friend who also likes great ties and great service.”
– Chris N., Newmachar, England

“I just wanted to give you props for the quality in your ties. I have been ordering from you for awhile for my boyfriend, step-father and brother. I have also forwarded your website to a lot of the guys on my floor. I tell them they can't find quality for that price anywhere!!! Good job, thanks again.”
– Deanna D., Chicago, IL

“I've become a huge fan of The Tie Bar, and have referred many people to check out the site - my CFO, VP of Strategy, and others. Thanks so much for what is one of the best values in men's fashion. I love this site!”
– David S., Norman, OK

“Your ties are by far the best quality at the best price. You definitely hooked me with your ties as bait. I have already purchased over 7 ties from you guys. Keep it up! ”
– Brien B., Elmont, NY

“I received the ties for my son's wedding today and wanted to thank you for the excellent service provided by your company. You went the extra mile to get the ties for us and that effort is greatly appreciated by all of us. The ties will look so nice with the men's attire my son has selected!”
– Melinda H., San Antonio, TX

“Over the past several months, I have purchased several of your ties. I have to say that I was quite skeptical when a very good friend of mine encouraged me to investigate your website. As an admissions employee and man who engages in the public arena quite frequently, it is difficult to find a tie that will hold up to the demands of the everyday without paying an exorbitant amount of money. I will never go back to purchasing via regular retail again. The site is easy to navigate with style and color options readily available, offers a shirt backdrop for those who need to see the effect on the eye, and - most importantly – a great product to back its good name up. I will recommend your ties to all of my friends in the City of Philadelphia and abroad with great joy. Thank you for your products and much continued success in the future.”
– Aaron S., Philadelphia, PA

“My husband wears ties a great deal, and when I saw your ties I knew I had to get him one. I ended up coming back the next day for another. My husband really liked them both. I will be back for more.”
– Michelle E., Chicago, IL

“I just received my order of two ties made through The Tie Bar. First of all, I want to thank you folks for the awesome and insanely fast delivery time! I live in Hawaii and usually, I expect my items purchased through the web to take longer to deliver than if I lived elsewhere in North America. I ordered the two ties on Monday and got the shipment on Thursday! Second, I love your products! The quality of the tie amazes me and I feel really glad that I didn’t have to pay $50 plus dollars for it. This actually looks better than some of the more expensive ties I have seen! I ordered only 2 ties because this is the first time doing business with The Tie Bar but now that I know you folks have such an awesome service, I will surely order some more in the future. Also, you can bet on me telling all of my friends about your company. Once again, thank you so much for providing such an incredible product at such an incredible price. ”
– Simon H., Honolulu, HI

“Hey guys, I wanted to complement you on your ties! They are great! I definitely get twice as many complements on your ties as I do on all my others. I also just ordered two of your shirts and they are great. I am a hard to fit at 18 x 36/37 and they fit me like a custom.”
– Zane S., Lubbock, TX

“Great service, great ties and great prices. Wish I found you years ago. You can be sure I will be back. Nice to deal with someone on the internet that has some moral fiber. Keep up work…hope you make a millions.”
– Charles S., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“I just wanted to send an email to advise how great the support and service is with your website. I was amazed at how fast the return for exchange and refund was. I received both of my orders within a few days of each other. I wanted to say keep up the good work and I will be a returning customer.”
– Carl H., Round Rock, TX

“I bought several ties from you folks just based on the price and selection available, and I cannot tell you how astounded I am by the speed of the delivery and the quality of the product!!! This is by far my best experience shopping on the internet EVER!!! I can guarantee you I will recommend you to everyone of my friends who is looking for quality ties at very affordable prices with outstanding customer service and shipping speed. I hope that you folks have nothing but success and I can assure you I will be purchasing many more ties from thetiebar.com!!!”
– Matt B., Washington D.C.

“I scowered the web for matching sets for my wedding and hardly found any. But at The Tie Bar, not only did I get a set, I got a gorgeous design and quality product... and a great price. The rental suits are nothing special, but your pink paisley ties & squares will make them sensational. Thanks again for the personal phone call and your interest in getting my order in time and to my satisfaction. Above and beyond service. You rock.”
– Nathan N., Victoria, BC, Canada

“Just got my latest tie order, I get so giddy everytime I open the box! LOVE the ones I picked this time as they are so bright and colorful!! Thank you for your wonderful product and service as usual! ”
– Heather M., Lexington, KY

“The tie I ordered this past Friday came in today. What a wonderful tie! The quality is just terrific and up there with ties costing much much more. I love the substantial feel of this tie and the fact that it makes a great full knot with character. Hey I'm italian thats just me!. I will be ordering more from you very soon.”
– Gerry S., Inglewood, CA

“I purchased 20 ties from The Tie Bar for a very unfortunate occasion, my grandfather’s funeral. In preparation of the services, we learned the color “Pink”- a pink carnation, in particular, means “I will never forget you.” Because my family will never forget my grandfather and the wonderful man, father, husband, uncle, cousin, grandfather, great-grandfather and friend he was, all of the men in the family decided to honor him by wearing pink ties. After placing my order, the ties were processed and shipped immediately, and I greatly appreciate the quality customer service, especially during such a tough time in my life. Thank you and I will support The Tie Bar in the future. I pray from now on, it will be for much happier occasions.”
– Tara C., New Orleans, LA

“I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service I received today from Melissa. I was on a mission to find a tie, but was having a problem selecting one. Melissa took the time and patience to help me pick a very nice tie. She was very cheerful and thoughtful. This was my first time visiting your website, and I would like to give kudos to whoever designed your website and put together the different color shirt and suit options. That was a very helpful and cool innovation. Thank you again and I look forwad to doing business with you in the future.”
– Patrick M., Mesa, AZ

“I just received my first order from you guys today, and all I can say is...AWESOME!! The ties are wonderful, I am really happy with what I got. I will definitely be coming back for more.”
– Rogelio G., Visalia, CA

“Thank you so much for my order. I have bought two ties from you so far, and they have both been delivered promptly and in perfect condition. I ordered a tie on Friday, and received it the following Monday. I've never received standard shipping orders that fast from anywhere else. I love my ties from the tie bar. You have a lifelong customer!”
– TJ S., Tuscaloosa, AL

“Thank you SO much for your quality product, fast mail service, user-friendly website, and an overall incredible experience. We purchased our ties for our upcoming October wedding, and couldn't be happier with what we have received from you all. Keep up the amazing work!”
– Mandy T., Brooklyn Park, MN

“We just received our latest order for our wedding next March. As always they came promptly and in great shape. They look just like the photos online, are very well made, and are a fraction of the cost from any other maker. They weren't my first order, and won't be my last. Thank you so much.”
– Sam C., Surrey, British Columbia

“We received our tie today and are totally pleased. I ordered around the 11th of March, and today is only the 21st of March. Excellent service from the United States to Australia in just a few days. It would take us that long to have a tie sent to us from somewhere in Australia. ”
– Bryan W., Gilgandra, Australia

“I just received another shipment of your ties: not only do they fit, knot and feel great, I can't believe how well the colors pop. Department store products don't even come close. ”
– John U., Rocky River, OH

“I needed to get 25 bow ties in golf club colors for our cenenary choral concert. Local manufacturers could only supply a minimum quantity of 100, far more than we needed. Then Google found The Tie Bar for me. The exact colors we needed, great price, speedy delivery, and brownie points all around. Keep up the good work!”
– Ray C., County Dublin, Ireland

“I am telling no one about you and keeping you all to myself! My order arrived within 48 hours, and I am simply blown away. I am simply AMAZED at your quality, selection, value and delivery. I am a confirmed self-tie bow tie wearer. Please don't tell American Express, they may have to do an intervention.”
– Michael D., Indianapolis, IN

“I am just emailing to express my absolute gratitude towards you guys. I placed my order on Friday night, Australian time and received the shipment Monday morning. Lightning fast! Beautifully packaged and individually placed in their own little boxes, which I found to be a great thing. Once again, thank you so much. I will definitely be recommending you guys to every one of my friends and family, and will be placing another order in the future. ”
– Richard J., Sydney, Australia

“Your premium neckties are similar to the ones I have been buying from a well known mens retailer; but yours are considerably less expensive! Thank you very much!”
– Eric H., Pontiac, MI

“We ordered our ties from you for my daughter's wedding last weekend. THEY WERE A HIT!!! Everyone just loved them. We got so many compliments on the ties, and told many people where we ordered them from. I just wanted you to know how nice it was to pick out exactly what we needed, and then order three different sizes and have them all come at once. They were perfect. Thanks so much! ”
– Bonnie V., Columbia Station, OH

“Your website and inventory are amazing. Your eye for detail shows in the handling of your product during shipping (tissue paper, care instructions, and tracking number). And the big plus: reasonably priced. You are my new go to for all of my husbands' accessories. Thank you!”
– Debbie C., Daly City, CA

“I just received my most recent purchase from you folks, and all I can say is WOW. Fine quality products and received very fast. Thanks so much and even though my friends think I have an addiction, it's one I don't wanna kick. I will buy more!”
– Tom C., Sioux Falls, SD

“I just wanted to say that I placed an order over the weekend, and it arrived on Tuesday. You guys have amazing customer service; I placed an order a couple of years ago, right after Christmas, and it came up to me just as fast. Impressive, because I live in Canada and nothing else ships to me that fast from the states!”
– Andrew B., Winnipeg, Canada

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for your great customer service! My wedding was 8 days away when I ordered ties for my husband and his groomsmen, so I was kind of stressed they wouldn't make it on time. I ordered on Friday and the ties were here on Tuesday morning! Great quality and customer service. I won't ever waste time going store to store again looking for something specific!”
– Tiffany T., Bonnyville, Canada

“This was my first TieBar order. I placed my order Friday and received it on Monday, fully expecting them to be shipping on Monday not received! Thank you so much for your speedy delivery and great quality, affordable ties! ”
– Andrew R., Fort Myers, FL

“I am extremely happy that I received my order today in Ontario, Canada. The tie bars are the exact color and perfect size for my skinny ties. I will definitely be ordering more from The Tie Bar!”
– David D., Ontario, Canda

“Just a quick message to let you guys know that your beautiful and well-made products are extremely appreciated. I can't say that I have ever seen value for money like your products. Outstanding. I am an orthopaedic surgeon who is a doctor for an NFL team, and I am constantly receiving compliments on your products from guys who know a thing or two about wealth and taste. Keep up the good work! Thanks again for making such fantastic products!”
– Steven W., Charlotte, NC

“I just wanted to say that your place is my new favorite store! You produce amazing ties and other accessories! I am ordering all the way from The Bahamas, so thank you! I can't wait to continue my collection of ties now. Cheers. ”
– Ty C., Nassau, Bahamas

“I had seen and wished for some silk woven ties after seeing them in one of my wife's high end garment catalogs. They were $90.00 a piece. Wow! I just received 5 silk woven ties from The Tie Bar, and they are beautiful. I will definitely be checking out more ties. Thank you!”
– Don R., Houston, TX

“I just read about your website in Men's Journal. I often find myself scratching my head when I'm searching for the right tie; when I do find the right one, it's always just a little out of my price range. I just visited your website and I was more than impressed. So much so that I emailed my friend and told him about it! Love it.”
– Nick M., Seattle, WA

“I just wanted to say thanks for making and selling such great ties. I just got my last shipment of new bow ties a couple weeks ago, and I really like them. I have gotten compliments on every one of them. I especially like the breast cancer tie. I lost my mom to breast cancer, so it has special meaning for me.”
– Bill H., Fishers, IN

“I just received my order in the mail, and I am loving it! Delivery was timely, and it was all packed nicely in the box. I like the new cases you guys are using. I am giving these tie bars as gifts this time, so it was a nice surprise to find them all in individual boxes. Great job guys, keep up the good work!”
– Gordon S., Vancover, BC (Canada)

“I just received my first order from The Tie Bar, and it definitely won't be my last! As a female who enjoys wearing the occasional tie or bow tie, I often find it frusturating when trying to find ties that match my personality. The Tie Bar has SO many awesome ties that I actually had a hard time choosing and ended up getting three! They arrived really fast too. Thank you for the awsome ties!”
– Alexandra D., Lonoke County, AR

“Time after time, The Tie Bar has exceeded my expectations. The quality of the items are impeccable, and the time in which I receive the items are lightening fast. I have been and will continue to be an avid fan, supporter, and patron of The Tie Bar.”
– Joshua M., Calhoun, GA

“I must say I think you are AUH-MAZING!!!!! My husband has spent hundreds on ties and pocket squares in the past. Now we don't have to because we can always find what we are looking for at The Tie Bar. I have two younger sons who also love to dress up, and they go crazy picking ties and other accessories without it costing a fortune! We love you!!!”
– Nic V., Salinas, CA

“If you guys even attempt to go out of business, I'll have to find funding for you!!! Received my ties in the mail today, and the website does not do justice to the quality and craftsmanship of this product. Customer for life!”
– Kenyata M., Houston, TX

“I received my order of 14 ties today, and I am very happy with your service! They came to Canada in a flash and the ties look amazing. I am glad I could get the color of ties I needed for my wedding. I had looked all over and couldn't find any that were reasonably priced and the exact color I needed. Thank you again!”
– Lauren R., Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)

“The 64 ties came in today. I LOVE THEM! They look so good. Everyone comments on how nice they are. Thank you so much for rushing the process. I really appreciate it. Thanks again for being so easy to work with!”
– Samantha T., Events Coordinator, Young Living Essential Oils (Lehi, UT)

“I came across your website after a Google search. After reading the Chicago Tribune, I gave it a shot. Eight ties for $120, you can't beat that! Every tie is wonderful and made with great fabric. Service was top notch and I've received countless compliments for every tie I've worn. I'll definitely be ordering more.”
– Pat H., Ft. Wayne, IN

“The custom ties you made for us look great! Thanks for doing such a fabulous job! They are actually much nicer than I anticipated!”
– Yvonne G., Hanson Pipe Inc., Portland, OR

“I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your great service, extreme care in packing, and excellent quality ties that I recently purchased from you. Thanks again for your reasonably priced and FAST shipping and the fantastic quality of your ties! I have your web site bookmarked for future reference and will highly recommend you to my friends. Cheers!”
– Doug O. San Jose, CA

“Thank you very much for the great customer service and prompt arrival of my recent purchase. I was very impressed with the packaging and even with the use of recycled paper for the receipt. I'll spread the word!”
– Jean C., Brooklyn, NY

“I have just received my first order of ties and cuff links, and must say I am truly astounded by their superb design and quality. And the prices were excellent, even when you add in the customs duty and Canadian taxes. I come from that era where, during their education, professional men were taught and then expected by their subsequent employers to dress professionally. You have made “looking’ good” a lot easier. Even better, my wife highly approves of my purchases from you – especially the tie with roosters on it. I will definitely be back for more.”
– David M. Almonte, ON, Canada

“Let me start by saying I think good work and good service deserves recognition, and I know that far too often companies only hear from customers that have problems. I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service on my first order with your company. I was stunned at how fast the order arrived and was very pleased that the ties are even better in person than online! I ordered these for me and my groomsmen for my July wedding, and you can certainly expect additional orders from me in the future. Thanks again for the great work.”
– Anthony B., Galesburg, MI

“What great service The Tie Bar has. I have been searcing for weeks and found exactly what I wanted. I ordered on Friday morning, and the postman just delivered my tie, and today is Monday!!! Wow. Your website is very user friendly. I will most definitely order from you again.”
– Narfunda F., Lanett, AL

“I just received my tie order and all I can say is "Fantastic"! The ties look great! I can say your Customer Service is EXCELLENT as well! When you find a doctor or dentist your trust, you stay with them for life. I have found an organization that provides value, quality and great customer service. You have my business now!”
– Philip O., Fontana, CA

“For anyone who thinks the era of the quality, inexpensive tie ended in the late 1940's, think again. I can't say enough about the quality, color and feel of these ties. Forget springing big dollars on shirts, with these ties, no one will notice your shirt.”
– David W., Ronda, NC

“I just wanted to say thanks for the beautiful ties and the super-speedy delivery! My husband just loves your ties, and I never have to worry about quality when we order from you. I orginially found your website from a story in the Chicago Tribune. It seemed too good to be true, but we checked it out and ordered and were very pleased with the product. I even suggest ties from your site to family members when they are stumped for gift ideas for my hard-to-buy-for husband. Many thanks!”
– Kara P., Spring Hill, TN

“I would just like to share with your company how impressed I am with the quality of the ties I ordered. I didn't expected this type of quality for this low of a price. If you don't order ties from this company, you are crazy. You can't beat the quality, and the price just makes it even more impressive. I order three paisley ties, and for the quality I usually pay $50 a tie. I can guarantee that I will never buy another $50 tie as long as The Tie Bar is in business.”
– Quinell G., Milwaukee, WI

“I'd been searching for a Polka Dot Tie like the one Denny Crane on Boston Legal wears for over a year. I FINALLY found it here! And at a GREAT PRICE! Looking forward to MANY more orders with you. Thanks!”
– Cecil C., Jackson, MS

“I ordered a paisley tie from you guys and some hankies. I love them. I know a department store that sell ties for the same price but not of the same quality. Keep up the good work. I will shop here again.”
– Robert M., Annapolis, MD

“Everyone from the chorus really liked the ties ,and in fact, everyone commented on how beautiful the tie was. Many thanks for working with us on that big order. Your company was very very prompt and made it all extremely easy.”
– Jeffrey J., Austin, TX

“I used to get my ties from the likes of TM Lewin, Thomas Pink and Hawes & Curtis but no more!!!!!!! I have found my new necktie source!!!!!”
– Lewis W., Columbia, MD

“This is just a quick note to say that we received our ties, thank you very much. We were impressed by the quality, the speed of delivery and the low freight charge. I�m already starting to recommend your site for those needing your services.”
– Ian F., Faulconbridge Cricket Club, Melbourne, Australia

“I would like to compliment you on how much I like my new ties. It is often very difficult to judge a color on an internet site and the actual item is often less than expected. But I love my ties. The colors are even better than I expected and the ties are very, very nice. I now have only one problem. My ties look so good that they make my shirts look shabby, and now I need to buy new shirts. Thank you for a great product.”
– Joe V., Kinder, LA

“The two bow ties I ordered for Valentine's Day arrived right on time and are beautiful and just as described and pictured. Your customer service in correcting an error in my order (which I made) was perfect. Your fast phone call to follow up and then make sure was corrected the following morning in time for shipping for the holiday. Thank you and I will be sure to pass the word along about your website. I have included in my favorites for easy access. I'm sure you will be hearing from us again.”
– Avan M., Tifton, GA

“I found your site a few weeks ago and decided to give it a try. The ties came quick and nicely wrapped, I was impressed. I’m receiving many complements from my colleagues and inquiries on where I purchased them. To make a long story short, you will be receiving many new orders. Thanks for the quality.”
– David S., Brooklyn, NY

“These wedding ties worked out great, even better than the ones I originally wanted. My groomsmen liked them, they looked great, and they matched the bridesmaids perfectly. I gave them to the groomsmen as gifts at the rehearsal dinner to kill two birds with one stone. Thanks for suggesting them and shipping them out fast!”
– Jason C., Portland, OR

“Great value and customer service have earned you another happy customer. I found your site through a Google search, found just the right tie I needed for an upcoming special event, and received it in 3 days. It was perfectly packaged and included a card with care instructions. Very nice. Thank you very much. I'll be back!”
– Frank H. Selah, WA

“I just wanted to say that your service is excellent! Not only are your ties very affordable, but I received my ties within 2 business days of ordering them. Being in Canada, I wasn't expecting my ties to arrive for at least a week! It's great knowing you can order something online and have it so quickly!! Looking forward to ordering more times very soon!!”
– Farhan V., Vancouver, BC, Canada

“I just want to take this opportunity to let you know that the gentlemen in my wedding were the bomb with the neckties that I purchased. I had the opportunity to purchase various shades of brown ties for my wedding party, and they floored the attendees, I am most appreciative for you all expediting my order and how pleased I was with them. Please note that I will be ordering from you all again real soon for my personal warddrobe. Thanks a million!”
– Anthony C., Memphis, TN

“Thank you for a wonderful experience. Your service was lightning fast, and the quality of your products is great and better than ties I’ve paid a lot more for. I love the skinny ties I ordered.”
– Fredeswin P., San Juan, PR

“Let me start by saying I think good work and good service deserves recognition, and I know that far too often companies only hear from customers that have problems. I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service on my first order with your company. I was stunned at how fast the order arrived and was very pleased that the ties are even better in person than online! I ordered these for me and my groomsmen for my July wedding, and you can certainly expect additional orders from me in the future. Thanks again for the great work.”
– Anthony B., San Antonio, TX

“We bought some ties for our wedding in July. Wanted something nice for groomsmen but didn’t want to spend a lot. Weddings can get expensive! We heard about The Tie Bar. We weren’t sure at first, but made the right decision. We found the perfect tie (& bowtie for the ring bearer!) And all the guys looked great. The ties are incredibly nice and very well made. Definitely one of the right purchases for the wedding. Thanks!!”
– Morgan L., Columbia, MD

“We love the ties and I already have co-workers lining up to order more next time. They were like kids on Christmas morning when we opened the box! I have a feeling we’ll be seeing some ties on casual Friday tomorrow.”
– R.J. P., Calgary, AB, Canada

“You guys keep up the good work. I tell all my friends and employees about The Tie Bar.”
– Craig G., Canton, GA

“I just wanted to let you know that I received my order and the two ties are wonderful. Thanks for the great service.”
– Julie Z., Chicago, IL

“Wow, I am very happy with my shopping experience. The website was easy to use, shipping was fast and the tie was even nicer than I had anticipated.”
– Nancy , Cincinnati, OH

“I'm giving The Tie Bar a debut today as colleagues leaving a party at a members club which is strict 'with tie' dress code and already getting compliments. ”
– James D., London, UK

“The ties came - the color is perfect! You guys saved the day! We just can't thank you enough!”
– Brenda B., Rome, GA

“Just got my second order and as usual, very quick shipping. Your ties are outstanding! I get positive comments every time I wear them. ”
– Trent B., Dallas, TX

“I got the tie and it's even better than I expected. Thanks so much to you and your staff for the first class service. I look forward to my next purchase from The Tie Bar.”
– Kendall K., Richmond, KY

“I just want to say thank you so much for your great customer service, in spite of my misunderstanding on how to correctly return/request exchange of an item. I will be purchasing from you all again and recommending to friends.”
– Philip L., New York, NY

“Just wanted to let you know that I received the ties and they are great! Thanks for your help!”
– Maria J., Boston, MA

“The ties arrived today and are fabulous!!!! We have decided to order more ties for our wedding through your company....keep up the quality product and excellent service. ”
– Karla R., Chicago, IL

“I recently just purchased two ties from your website and I wanted to let you know that you're absolutely "AWESOME". I ordered the ties this past Friday and they actually came in the mail this morning on Monday. Now that's what I call "AWESOME" customer service. I'll definitely continue giving you my business and ordering ties from you in the future. I've already added your site to my favorites on my PC.”
– Bryan B., Nashville, TN

“I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the ties I purchased from The Tie Bar. I wanted unique ties that I could get for the groomsmen in my wedding party without a tremendous cost. That is exactly what I got, so I bought even more for other family members. They are going to make great gifts. Your customer service was amazing and the shipping was incredibley fast. I will definitely be making future purchases and telling everyone I know! The ties are so beautiful and I cannot wait for everyone to wear them on my wedding day!”
– Micael N., Constantine, MI

“We just spoke on the phone about gold paisley ties, and I’m still in a state of shock. When I called your number to straighten out the out-of-stock-tie situation, YOU – the owner – answered the phone, AND you knew exactly who I was! Whaa? In an age of painful “customer service” hotlines that put you on hold for weeks at a time and offer no service at all, your company is more than a breath of fresh air. I want you to know that your efficiency, courtesy, and incredible professionalism did not go unnoticed. Thank you, thank you for not only solving the problem, but making it so easy I felt like I was on vacation. I shall recommend your fabulous site to ALL of the stylish men in my life. :) ”
– Miranda A., Grand Juntion, CO

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! The ties came a day before the wedding and they are wonderful. We spent hours in the hot Arizona sun going from store to store trying to find decent ties, if I had only known about your company it would have saved us a bunch of time. When I read your satisfied customer comments and saw that someone mentioned Fox News I knew your company would be a good one. ”
– Janene, Phoenix, AZ

“Whenever I find a gentleman who is sartorially inclined I tell them about your site. I've even gone as far as offering to reimburse anyone who buys one of your ties and doesn't like it. So far my money is safe. Keep creating beautiful works of art, your fantastic customer service and your amazing prices. I'll be back for more.”
– A.J., New York, NY

“After seeing you in GQ I decided to check you guys out. I love this site, I've already ordered 7 ties over the last 2 months. I've even started wearing bow ties because of this site. I can't wait to finish law school and wear your ties in court. Thanking you guys.”
– Curtis W., Lansing, MI

“I went by a mall or two the other day and I just had to check out there bow ties. First of all every store that I had went to their bow ties were high in price and every one of them were poorly made! Of course I had a collection of bow ties that I had bought previously from The Tie Bar to compare them with. Let's just say that The Tie Bar now has one more loyal customer! ”
– Jeremy G. Birmingham, AL

“I hate you guys, why, because I am now officially a “junkie” and “hooked” on your website. I have purchase eight ties and two bars over the past 6 weeks or so and probably have about thirty items on my wish list. Great products/quality!!! Keep up the OUTSTANDING work.”
– Edward G., Norfolk, VA

“I have about a dozen of your ties and I just want to say thank you for making such a great product. I was the best man at my brother's wedding and got him to outfit us in your ties and I plan to do the same thing next July for my wedding. Keep up the awesome work!! ”
– Justin M., Denver, CO

“I just received my first order from you and I'm very impressed! Everything from the website, the wide selection and the quick turnaround on the order was great. I'm looking forward to telling my friends about what a good deal this is.”
– Sean C., Highlands Ranch, CO

“Again I am impressed with the quality and thickness of your ties. I wear many spread collar shirts and, with rare exception, is it necessary to go beyond a half-Windsor knot. The Brooks Brothers ties that I have in my collection are not nearly the quality (or thickness) of your ties. To make matters worse, that tie retailed at $95. Keep up the good work.”
– Brent O., Minot, ND

“I wanted to find some unique (but not tacky or weird) ties for the groomsmen in our wedding party. I searched for weeks for the right color and style...I even ordered from another company, but returned them immediately because the quality was so poor and the colors looked completely different in person. So when I came across your ties, I was a little afraid to press the order button. But I am thrilled! The ties are stylish, unique and of excellent quality. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
– Steph E., San Antonio, TX

“I play drums in a swing band. It's not uncommon for us to open for some big name jazz and swing groups. Therefore I need to wear a suit and tie quite often, I need to look the part as well as play it. I recently made my first order and I'm very impressed. I actually just ordered a few more. Yours are the nicest looking bowties I've ever had (especially considering the price). My group will be opening up for the Max Weinberg Big Band this Sunday and I will be wearing one of your ties. ”
– Joe L., Pittsburgh PA

“I am getting married in just under five weeks and I found your website out of the blue, during my search for groomsman ties. After reading reviews, I gained confidence that your website was legitimate, so I ordered 7 "Check Me Out" paisley apple ties, two bowties, and one pocket square. Two days after I ordered, the box came in (quicker than expected) and I was blown away. The ties are of better substance than any I own. The bowties are perfect. The pocket square is vibrant. Your affordable, and stunning, products are going to be the cornerstone of my wedding, I know it. If anyone out there is skeptical, just order and you'll see, the Tie Bar is for real!”

“When I finally went to The Tie Bar site, I was wondering why I had taken so long to finally check it out. As soon as I saw the selection of ties, I wished I had ordered during the week so I would have them by this weekend to show them off. I ended up ordering my ties yesterday at 2pm and received them at 11am today. Really impressed with the cut, colors and obviously the speedy delivery. Looks like its going to be a classy weekend!”
– John R., Chicago, IL

“I received the remainder of my bulk order that was on back order in recent days so that appears to complete my order. Just wanted to drop you a message to say we are very satisfied with our new ties ! They look great with our charcoal gray funeral suits & the staff thinks they look sharp.I must say I like the feature on your website that allows one to select a tie & then click on a particular shirt or suit color to see how it goes with that tie etc etc., neat feature ! I'll probably be using your site for my own personal use from time to time. ”
– Peter A., Corinth, ME

“I just wanted to take the time to tell you what a great product you have. I teach 5th grade and also coach, and I look forward to wearing your ties both to school and for each game! The craftsmanship is incredible,and I love the choices I have when purchasing your ties. Whenever I need (or want) a new tie, I always go to The Tie Bar. I know you will have exactly what I need to match anything I want to wear for a game or for Tie Tuesday at Bennington Grade School. Thank you again for a great product at an even better price.”
– Gregg T., Bennington, KS

“Just wanted to send a quick email thanking The Tie Bar Team. I ordered 10 ties and 7 matching bow ties for my wedding this past Nov. The service and quality of the ties were outstanding! Our wedding party got so many compliments on how great their ties looked. I have several good friends getting married in the upcoming year and I have past your name along! ”
– Jessica W., Gainesville, FL

“I see you featured in GQ a lot...and decided to check out your website. I am pretty meticulous about everything but decided to buy some of your handkerchiefs...these are absolutely wonderful! Thank you. Very happy with the high quality. You’d think a cotton handkerchief is easy to find…it’s not. You can find them sure, but they’re usually very cheap. These are great…and will be buying more. Thanks for the sublime handkerchiefs!”
– Paul T., Rochester, MI

“I received my bow ties yesterday and they are great!! It is so hard to find new, narrow ties of good quality. I have to search for vintage ties. Your ties are exceptional bow ties of silk and with great patterns. The look I received yesterday as I wore the Skull and Crossbones bow tie was outstanding to the surreal. People just couldn't get over a bow tie like that. Thank you for making bow ties cool. ”
– Trevor K., Chicago, IL

“I received my three tie bars in the mail yesterday. They all exceeded my expectations: they work better, cost much less, and look just as nice as a $100 Tiffany sterling silver tie-bar that I ended up losing. What a great value your tie bars are!”
– Shawn J., Scranto, PA

“I signed up my husband for Tie of the Month Club as a Christmas present. After the rush of present opening and all the "oohs" and "aahs", he laid on the sofa with his new tie on his chest and proudly exclaimed that the Tie of the Month Club was his favorite present. Sadly, the brand new Dell laptop is feeling like chopped liver. Thank you for making me look like a hero.”
– Jennifer D., Newport Beach, CA

“My first order just arrived yesterday, and I was so impressed with the quality and beauty of the ties. Even my wife thinks I picked great ties!”
– Ray Y., Salt Lake City, UT

“I am a first time customer of the Tie Bar and I just received my first order from you. I want to let you know that I am very happy with your service and the quality of these ties are first rate. It is difficult for me to purchase clothing items from the web but after having talked with your company about some questions that I had, you put my mind at ease. When I opened the package the quality was as advertised. Thanks again for doing a great job.”
– Scott M., Evans, CO

“I do not see myself ever buying a tie from another store again. Top quality products, unbeatable price, ease of shopping, flat shipping and ever-expanding designs make your store far superior to any other. After my first order of two bowties, a skinny tie, a regular tie and a tie bar, I am hooked.”
– Scott G., Pensacola, FL

“I just received my order placed earlier this week and am very satisfied. These are beautiful ties at an amazing price! What a terrific website! As soon as I am done sending this e-mail, I am going back to the site to shop! Thanks very much!”
– Jeffrey W., Madison, WI

“Having been a customer of yours for several years, I already have 10+ ties from you. But just today received my first dress shirt from you, and not only did it fit my long arm length perfectly, the quality was excellent for a $25 shirt.”
– Jonathon A., Atlanta, GA

“You guys have an awesome collection of ties, and I will be recommending you to everyone. It beats the hell out of going out and paying $30 plus for the same kind of ties. Thanks again.”
– Joe F., Vass, NC

“I truly truly love your site. My husband and I love the older eras and of course the wonderful fashions and music that came from them. He loves bow ties but they are very difficult to find. Until now of course. Although he doesn’t have a desk job he does wear a lot of ties.”
– Rebecca S., Miami Beach, FL

“I just made a purchase and bought almost 10 ties from you recently and I really love them all. This is the 1st and only site I have found that carries ties that are trendy and inexpensive, and I can't say enough about the selection. Thanks.”
– Avi F., Brooklyn, NY

“Wanted to let you know that I received the custom designed ties today, and I must tell you that they turned out beautiful and everyone was pleasantly surprised...great job! We'll be in touch since we'll probably order more in the near future. Thanks for everything and it was a pleasure working with you.”
– Mella E., Sweet Manufacturing, Springfield, OH

“We received the wedding ties today and they are perfect! I really appreciate the personal service you gave us for an internet store. We will certainly recommend you to our friends. Thanks.”
– Kay N., Charlotte, NC

“You guys are the BEST and I'll never purchase another bowtie from anywhere else but THE TIE BAR!”
– Captain Craig W., US Army Commanding, Second Infantry Division

“The Tie Bar has always exceeded my expectations and I am always happy to refer friends and colleagues.”
– Ryan B., FOB Stryker, Baghdad, Iraq

“I purchased my first tie from your website last week, and I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that I was very impressed with the entire process. I also was especially impressed with the quality of the tie. Thank you and I will be a return customer.”
– Kevin R., Canton, MI

“This is just a note to tell you how very pleased I am with the quality of my tie and your promptness of service. I’m a customer for life. I don’t usually volunteer this kind of satisfaction so you deserve to pat yourselves on the back.”
– Ralph M., Pasadena, CA

“Just wanted to thank for the order, the ties look great! I have several of your ties from previous orders and I'm always getting comments. Just today I've had two people ask me about the tie I have on. Working in the funeral industry, I usually wear ties 6-7 days a week. I opened the order from today and immediately had to give out your business card.”
– Brian S., Downers Grove, IL

“I've always had difficulty finding long ties that met my conservative taste. Wow, did I find a jackpot when I located your site. I ordered on Wednesday afternoon and by Saturday morning your shipment arrived. The colors matched the web page perfectly. I think you've got a new customer for a long time. GOOD WORK!!!”
– William G., Salt Lake City, UT

“I wanted to let you know I was very impressed with your prompt and attentive order processing, as well as the consideration you put into your packaging. I'm a professional in the industry and your courteous service is appreciated.”
– J.C. S., Chicago, IL

“Just recieved my tie today and could not believe how great the quality and craftsmanship was!!! I compared them to my many name brand ties like Holland and Sherry, Gitman Bros, Brioni, Burberry, Ralph Lauren-Purple Label and could not tell the difference!!! I'm simply amazed!!! Look forward to buying many more and please keep up the great work and price!!!!”
– Jason O., Westchester, NY

“This the 4th time I bought in 6 months. You guys are really great! Expect a lot more business from me.”
– Ilan G., Brooklyn, NY

“I finally pulled the trigger and ordered 4 ties from your website. You now have a customer for life! Great Ties! Even Greater Price!”
– Nick C., WWJ-TV, Detriot, MI

“Like my first experience buying your ties, I was equally pleased with my recent first purchase of one of your shirts. Not only did it arrive promptly on my doorstep in two days, it also looks and feels great. What I especially like is the collar - it is sharp and crisp and the way it is contoured really helps to accent the ties I buy from you. I also like the roomy fit around the wrists. Good job in providing your customers with a quality shirt at a great price.”
– John P., Chicago, IL

“We are loving the ties and scarves! I already sent some down to the client and they are very pleased. Thanks for all your help in creating this amazing one-of-a-kind tie and scarf duo for my client!”
– Deborah R., Read Marketing, Toronto, Canada

“Add another loyal customer to your ranks. I just received my first order from your company (48 hours after I placed my order!) The ties are great!”
– Brett B., Kansas City, MO

“The custom logo ties for the high school arrived today, and they look great! Thanks so much for the speedy turnaround!”
– Judy B., Santa Barbara, CA

“I just personally wanted to thank you for your wonderful customer service. The ties are wonderful, the service is wonderful and I can't believe how quickly they arrived. I will be ordering more soon. I have told everyone about The Tie Bar! Thanks again for adding some extra flare to our wedding attire!”
– Kerry B., Portland, OR

“You guys have the greatest ties I have seen in a long time. I just received my third order, and as always, I was well pleased. I love the comments I get when I wear them. I am with you for life.”
– Bobby L., Whitakers, NC

“I must admit I was skeptical when I ordered these ties because of the low price. I received the order today. The ties are awesome and of excellent quality. They are everything you said they were. Many thanks!”
– Alan L., Troup, TX

“I took a chance and ordered 10 ties from your website. I am utterly satisfied and must have saved about $300 from what I usually pay for 10 ties! I will definitely purchase again!”
– Milton B., New York, NY

“I believe I have ordered over thirty ties from your site and they are all great! I have ordered 2 shirts and have been very impressed with the quality (the women love the pink one). Thanks for the product and service!!”
– Matt W., Ocean Springs, MS

“Just a note to thank you for my recent order. I am so pleased with the quality of the ties, pocket squares and cufflinks that I recently purchased. I don't know how you do it for the price...but I am certainly glad you do. It is so nice to get quality and a good price. Thank you.”
– Phil H., Brookfield, MO

“I received your ties today. They are absolutely wonderful! You have a customer for life. Thanks for being so kind and helpful. Love your ties!”
– Carol Ann C., Staten Island, NY

“I've told ALL men that I come into contact with about your website. It's AWESOME. I will from here on out buy ties from y'all. The delivery was quick, the selection is diverse, and the customer service is the best.”
– Dare P., Columbia, SC

“We received the custom ties that you made for us. They are excellent! We are very pleased with them. Thank you for working with us.”
– Matt K., Frankin, IN (Delta Tau Delta Fraternity)

“Thank you for such great service! The ties I ordered Friday afternoon have arrived here Monday, and they're beautiful! You saved our concert!”
– Eileen S., Downers Grove High School, IL

“I am glad that I came across your website and placed an order with your company. On top of a quality product at a great price, I feel that I have received the best customer service a person could get. I am looking forward to doing business with your company for many years to come. Again thank you very much.”
– Sean P., Everett, WA

“My first order from The Tie Bar arrived at my door in (Australia) in 5 working days just after the New Year period. I was very impressed with the quality of the ties and the delivery time. Overall, I am very impressed with the selection, quality, service, and price (even allowing for freight and exchange rates.)”
– Bill L., Ambarvale, Australia

“I just wanted to thank you for your help with my recent order of 29 red stripe ties for my church group. Everyone loved them, and I want to thank you for getting them out to me in such a short notice. I look forward to contacting you for future orders!!!”
– Saul R., Houston, TX

“As usual from The Tie Bar: Super fast delivery, Super reliable and easy to use website, Super high quality, that in the past cost me three times the price anywhere else. You guys have my business now and in the future!”
– Bill B., Waterford, MI

“Just received my first order from you. Unbelievable! Fastest shipping and delivery, period. Excellent quality! Will place another order immediately. Just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation first.”
– Lemuel S., Hinton, WV

“I want to thank you for both your excellent customer service and high quality product. My company needed 16 ties in a hurry and you helped me out of a tight spot. “Quality On Time” is a company motto here at my company. You should adopt the same motto.”
– Jeff B., San Diego, CA

“A friend of mine turned me on to your site, and i'll admit, i was highly skeptical. After years of spending nearly two hundred bucks apiece on ties, I was certain you guys were too good to be true. Imagine my surprise when my first "test" shipment of five arrived. They were FANTASTIC. I've since gone on to buy another 30 or so...and have loved EVERY SINGLE ONE. Like many of my TV colleagues who've written here, neckwear is part of my daily "uniform," and i'm pretty picky. You guys have come up with a winning product at an unbelievable price. Needless to say, i'll be buying many, many more. I hope your designers can keep up... because i'm ready for another 30! ”
– Craig Stevens, Anchor, WSVN-TV, Miami/Fort Lauderdale, FL

“I placed my first order with your company a few days ago. Today in the mail the exact tie that I ordered arrived and wrapped so nicely. Thank you so very much for such prompt service. I will certainly use your company again, and share your name with others.”
– Daleen W., Spanaway, WA

“Thank you so much for all your help with our ladies ties. They turned out exactly as we hoped they would. You went above and beyond our expectations and we wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all your hard work.”
– Jennifer L., Ray-Land Coach Lines, Bradenton, FL

“I received my order today and I was very impressed. I know you have hundreds of testimonials but I wanted you to know that I was pleasantly surprised to see the quality of these ties. I will definitely be ordering more. Thanks and thanks also to the Chicago Tribune.”
– George B., Lake in the Hills, IL

“Thank you so much for the email and the phone call. I can't tell you how much we appreciate the follow-up! It is the perfect tie for the wedding. We will pass on this positive experience to family and friends so that they can wear a good tie every day!”
– Tina C., Sarasota, FL

“You have wonderful merchandise and the best price anywhere. You have me hooked on your ties - I'll be a customer forever. You can quote me on that.”
– Claude F., San Jose, CA

“The custom ties for our rugby team arrived a couple of days ago. THEY LOOK AWESOME!!! Thank you very much for your help. Cheers.”
– Ben F., Buffalo NY

“I recently placed an order with "The Tie Bar." I called a representative before finalizing my order and the gentlemen was very very helpful and courteous. I received my order quickly and the ties are beautiful. Thanks again!”
– Rick S., Selbyville, DE

“I just wanted to tell you that our order for the Tiffany Blue Ties arrived yesterday (that was exceptionally fast!). Thank you kindly for your recommendation as they are indeed the closest in color to the pool blue I am utilizing. Thank you as well for the great and speedy service. I�ll be sure to recommend the site to my friends who may be tie shopping for any occasion.”
– Marrisa G., Trinidad and Tobago

“I love your site! I've bought ties from your site for my dad and one of my friends I'm always pleased with the results. Good show!”
– Faye R., Ann Arbor, MI

“I just received my order from you (only took 2 days!!!) and I have to say the tie is GORGEOUS!!! Not to mention the neat and understated packaging - such a nice touch! My boyfriend loves ties, and I can scarecely afford the $75+ on my secretary's salary, so your website is a godsend for me. I've told all the partners at my firm about your site, all the staff accountants too! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”
– Jennifer M., Chicago, IL

“I just received my first order of ties from your company. The service was prompt and the ties are fabulous. I will be telling my friends and associates where they should buy their ties. Thank you for a great product.”
– Dennis H., New York, NY

“Great ties, no lies! Easy, fast, great prices, good quality. BRAVO!!!”
– Paul E., Chicago, IL

“I just received my first order from your shop today. All I can say is wow...the images on the site don't do the richness of the fabric justice in the least nor does it show the quality of the silk. I look forward to wearing the tie later this week (times like this are when I'm happy to be wearing "business dress" again.). I also look forward to ordering more from you in the future.”
– Robert N., New Orleans, LA

“I just got my first order from you guys and I am very pleased with my two slim ties. The price is very reasonable, your website was easy to use, and my order came in fast. I just wish I had heard about you guys sooner. You guys have a big market out there looking for quality slim ties. You have gained a loyal customer. Thanks for everything!”
– David N., San Diego, CA

“Just received my first order; unbelievable quality for the price. Great website to see how tie matches with different color suit and shirt combos. Placed my second order today. Thanks for the quality, price and fast delivery. ”
– Harvey K., Ipswich, MA

“After two years of watching the main character on my favorite television show (Doctor Who) telling us that “bowties are cool,” I decided to venture into the realm of the bow tie. In looking for websites for a good company to buy from, I stumbled across your website and could not have been more fortunate. I was amazed at the number and variety of the bow ties that you offer! And then the prices are too good to believe! You helped me discover the fun of wearing a bow tie. And, through telling them about your website, I have been influencing several co-workers to join me for “Bow Tie Tuesdays.” We are creating a movement! I have purchased three so far and fully anticipate adding more of your bow ties to my wardrobe. Thanks for making it so easy and so reasonably priced!”
– Joel, R., Pedricktown, NJ

“I cannot tell you just how pleased I am with the quality of your products. Over the last forty years I have purchased ties from some of the best men's stores in the Atlanta Area. Unfortunately many of these stores are no longer in business and the selection and quality of ties found in department stores, well frankly is mediocre at best. I am very pleased to have found the Tie Bar. I look forward to placing another order with you in the very near future. ”
– Russell S., Covington, GA

“Just wanted to send you guys kudos on the first tie I bought from you. Awesome looking, quality tie, packaged in a safe shipping box, and shipped fast! You will be definitely be my tie resource. Very much pleased. ”
– Ron S., Las Vegas, NV

“The ties and pocket squares are magnificent. They are well constructed, colorful, and a great beginning to a wardrobe that I am now forced to enhance because of a promotion. Oh, I caught heat in the beginning for wearing a pocket square but after a few weeks, guys started trickling into my office to find out where I got them and how they could they wear them. I owe all of you a great big thanks. Oh, by the way, thanks for not killing me with your prices – as a public servant, I appreciate it.”
– Sean M., West St. Paul, MN

“I loved the two silk knit ties that I bought two weeks ago. They are great and for a great price. After finding out about The Tie Bar in GQ, I got my hands on a couple ties, tie bars, and pocket squares. You guys are great and I have been recommending you guys to all my classmates in West Point.”
– Idi M., West Point, NY

“I discovered you guys via google and ordered a few pocket squares. The quality and costumer service was top notch. I plan on being a repeat customer.”
– James M., Oklahoma City, OK

“I'm afraid I am indeed the owner of a more slender frame, and with current styles moving toward thin lapels, thin ties, tight-fitting suits, etc, it's a challenge to find ties I feel comfortable wearing in my workplace. 3.5" seems clunky on me, and 2.5" is too skinny for the aforementioned workplace. Which leaves me with 2 3/4" to 3 1/4". And you certainly carry several ties within that spectrum, so thanks! Again, kudos on offering a high-quality product for a reasonable price.”
– John S., Seattle, WA

“I just wanted to thank you very much for your speedy service and also thank you for doing such a nice job folding the ties! I have done much ordering online and by far I am most impressed with your service.”
– James S., Glen Burnie, MD

“I received my first order yesterday. Wearing one now. The only thing that exceeds the quality is the service! In addition, unlike many on line retailers, the colors on the web page are extremely accurate. ”
– George M., King of Prussia, PA

“Amazing quality for such a low price-point. I have recommended The Tie Bar to all my colleagues. I have received nothing but compliments from my peers! Will order again very soon!”
– Raza E., Alberta, Canada

“I was immediately impressed by your selection. Many ties to choose from, and I was even more impressed by how many of them I actually considered buying. I won’t even go into the price; it is undoubtedly unbeatable, bar none. When my ties arrived I was yet again pleasantly surprised, by both the quality and presentation of my package. Trust me when I say that you have found a lifelong customer!”
– Jaime G., Aurora, IL

“I found your website in Southern Living magazine. Just placed my second order. Love your bow ties and the compliments I get when I wear them. The wife loves them too.”
– Dan P., Forest, VA

“The colors are vibrant and gorgeous and the quality of the ties are excellent. I will be purchasing more items from you in the future. Thanks for everything!”
– Lizz Z., Milwaukee, WI

“All the testimonials attest to how great this site is. There is absolutely no other place to match the quality and the prices on the ties. The ties I received are amazing. I have found a permanent place for ties.”
– Ken S., Old Bridge, NJ

“Your ties are a Godsend at these prices, and they are beautiful ties. Keep up the good work!!”
– Marilyn Y., Toronto, ON

“I just wanted to let you know that when I was at the Aurora oulet mall a few weeks ago, while trying to find the perfect tie, the gentleman who was working your booth, was very helpful on making a selection for me. This just solidifies my relationship with your company. Rest assured, I will be a life-long customer of yours.”
– Marty F., Tinley Park, IL

“I just wanted to say I made a recent order from your site. These are without a doubt among the finest ties I have ever purchased. The thickness and ease with which a Windsor knot can be tied make your ties a great product. Rest assured I will make future purchases of your products.”
– Daniel M. Woodbridge, VA

“The Tie Bar saved my daughter's "diva" wedding, which required color coordinated pocket silks for the tuxedos for 10 groomsmen and ushers. It wasn't until exactly 7 days before THE day when I discovered The Tie Bar online--the only company that could help me with the exact color that I needed, and what was essentially a bulk order. The owner personally responded to my e-mail questions within hours, and shipped my order to me with 4 days to spare. Great wedding. Outstanding customer service. Great product.”
– Dale F., San Diego, CA

“The ties arrived today and I couldn't be happier. I've been wearing ties since the 5th grade, not by choice, so the thought of spending $80 on a tie (which I have done) is preposterous. Speaking of $80 ties, I was wearing one today and yours are just as thick and seemingly well made.”
– Ethan S., Chicago, IL

“Thanks for all the great help outfitting our auction team. The red repp ties look great! Believe it or not, ordering 24 identical ties isn't an easy task. Many thanks.”
– David H., Roswell, GA

“There should be a law against a company/site like yours. First you offer incredible ties at rock bottom prices, and then you update your styles/patterns! You FORCE me to purchase more of your products every time I visit your site! (The wife says 'keep up the good work')! She likes the way I look in your ties.”
– Jerome J., Taylor, MI

“I just received my second order of ties from your company. The only thing that would get me to shop for ties anywhere else would be if your company decided to not create any new colors/designs. Unbelievable quality and stunning colors make your companies ties right at the top of my list, every single time. Thank you for the quick shipment and great customer service as well!”
– Bernard S., Tuscon, AZ

“Wow! These ties are great -- especially considering the price! I'm so used to trying to cover for the fact that my ties are too short or out of proportion because I am tall. Not with these! Great-looking knot and a great-looking tie!”
– Mike H., Franklin, TN

“I just wanted to let you know that we absolutely LOVE the custom made ties. They look phenomenal and totally exceeded my expectations. I look forward to working with you again in the future and really appreciate everything!”
– Delora J., Destin, FL (Marquee Limousines)

“Love the shirts and the tie. Perfect fit on the shirts. Thanks!”
– Bob W., Montreal, QC, Canada

“Fantastic quality ties; unmatched service. I have spread the word. Keep up the great work.”
– Jay S., Alexandria, VA

“I want to let you know I appreciate the very rapid response on my order. I received the ties just 2 days after I was notified it was processed. In addition, the ties are very high quality. I have sampled one this evening, and the tie knots very well. You can expect further and future orders from me. Thank you.”
– Jim R., Louisville, KY

“You folks have one heck of a business going. I've paid up to a hundred bucks for a tie down here in North Carolina, and the quality is not on the same planet with The Tie Bar.”
– John H., Kinston, NC

“After hearing a great deal about your company, I recently placed my first order with The Tie Bar. The ties not only arrived just two days later, but they are also the highest quality, best looking ties I own. I plan to be ordering many more ties. Thanks!!”
– Josh M., Washington D.C.

“Just wanted to tell you that I purchased a couple of your ties for my husband and they arrived a few weeks ago....he LOVES them and EVERYONE always compliments him on how nice they look!!! -and WHOA is he extra-hot with them on!! Thanks- I will be ordering again!”
– Amber Y., Millersburg, OH

“The kids and their parents love the custom ties you made for our baseball team. I will be passing your information along to all who inquire!”
– Jenn B., Centennial High School, Franklin, TN

“I just received my first order of 7 ties from you. I am amazed, they are so much better than I had anticipated. Thank you.”
– Craig C., Dallas TX

“Great products, great price. I think I'm up to 7 ties ordered and will certainly order more.”
– Razz J., Chicago, IL

“I was fairly skeptical reading the reviews online before I ordered two ties. I got them, quickly, and I seriously got compliments all day on the days I wore them. Never before have I got a single tie compliment until those days. I will certainly order a few more.”
– Matthew P., Washington D.C.

“I received my ties and shirt today, and boy was I blown away at the quality! Everything just flowed together so well. Thanks for your all your help.”
– Charles B., Riviera Beach, FL

“Thanks for all of your help on delivering this order. The ties looked great and the shirts fit well. Will look forward to ordering more products in the future.”
– Jim W., Naperville, IL

“I am a repeat customer who learned about your company a year ago through reading GQ magazine. I'm 23 years old from Northern Illinois, and I have been very happy with your products so far. I really appreciate the pricing and trendy variety of the skinny ties and bow ties. I recently ordered my first two wool ties, and they are of even better quality than I expected! Also, I really appreciate how quickly you can move your inventory out after an order has been made. I will definitely remain a loyal customer. Thanks!”
– A.J. H., Sycamore, IL

“I am probably a little too old to be one of your models, but I have bought about 300 ties from you over the past three years. I really love your ties, and I won't buy ties from anywhere else!”
– Clarence E. C., Granite City, IL

“I don't often feel compelled to congratulate companies on good service, but for The Tie Bar, I am prepared to make an exception. I am from Australia and had been searching for a suitable tie for both my son and I to wear to a forthcoming wedding. I came across The Tie Bar online, and found the perfect ties at an amazing cost. Given that the wedding is in less than two weeks, I felt that at the price point, should they not arrive in time, I hadn't really lost that much. Imagine my amazement when three days later, I get a Fed Ex delivery with my ties. Do you realize that Australia Post cannot deliver locally within that time frame!! So, credit where credit is due. Great choices, fantastic quality ties, and super fast international delivery. If only every online store were like this one. Well done Tie Bar!!”
– Stewart W., Queensland, Australia

“You guys run a tremendous company. Great product, great customer service. Clean website. Love it.”
– Thomas F., Englewood, CO

“I wanted to send you an email to thank you and the customer service staff for all their help in providing the ties and pocket squares for my wedding last week. What started as a routine order turned into a rush situation, and I can't thank your staff enough for their patience and attention throughout the whole process of ordering and exchanging the items I selected. I will definitely be ordering from you again, and I have recommended you to many others. Thanks again!”
– Dan B., Los Angeles, CA

“I've been out of the tie game for a while, but I just received my new tie in the mail today, and I cannot wait to wear it for Tie Tuesday at school next week. It is incredibly beautiful, and, as usual, the service was outstanding. I cannot wait until November (Can I wait that long?) to order my next tie. You guys are awesome!!”
– Gregg T., Bennington, KS

“The site was very accessible, the search engine gave me more than enough results, and I could browse products by style, color, type, or keyword. Checkout was simple and secure, and the shipping process wasn't terrible either. I think I paid something like $5.99 to get two ties sent first class. I made the purchase on Monday, I was notified that they had shipped on Tuesday (you're so punctual!), and I got the ties today, Friday. I was super excited to see them in the mailbox before the weekend. I wanted to let you know that I am super pleased with my purchase, and we will be doing business again!”
– Troy B., Northfield, New Hampshire

“Your skinny ties are amazing! The perfect width for today's fashionable man-- not too narrow, and with the traditional shape-- and with great fabrics and patterns to boot! I was shocked to see the same level of quality for such a small price. Now I know where to get more stylish ties--I'll never shop elsewhere again!”
– Wendell S., Gaithersburg, MD

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my first purchase from you. I am really surprised with the quality of your products in relation to their price (in a good way!). I have told anyone that will listen about your site, and I am looking to make a new order this coming payday! Also, I love the improved previewer with more shirt and suit colors. Well done! Please keep up the good work!”
– Na H., Tempe, AZ

“I got my new tie today. It is GREAT! I think it is the best tie I have now. I am really glad that I reconsidered your company, and I will definiteley buy more in the future. The tie created a PERFECT knot with a nice dimple the four times I tied it. The color scheme is great, and the fabric feels nice and rigid, holding the knot perfectly. The silk and interlining did not slide around like previous ties I have owned. I can find no faults on this tie at all. Thanks again!”
– Bjorn B., San Antonio, TX

“My ties came in today. They look really great. The embroidery actually look much sharper than I expected. Thank you for all your help.”
– Drew W., Home Loans Canada (custom tie order)

“I usually don't send e-mails on products I order from the internet, but I just received 2 new ties that I ordered from you, and I can't believe what I received. I usually spend $60 to $100 on a single tie, and I have to confess that these 2 new ties are by far the nicest ties in my closet. Anyways, just wanted to say thanks. Your new repeat customer,”
– Jeremy W., Tulsa, OK

“Just got my first shipment of your ties and pocket squares on Monday. Great products and great price to match. I will be buying more and telling others about your online store.”
– Van Denton, High Point, NC (Fox - TV)

“I received my order of ties today and I couldn't be more satisfied, not only with how quickly you shipped the merchandise but also the quality and looks of the ties. I will be purchasing more ties in the future and I will be telling my friends at church, where I purchase the ties. Thank you for providing cost efficient and superb quality merchandise.”
– Michael H., McDonough, GA

“I'm writing to thank you for the five wonderful ties! You delivered more than expected, and prompted me to order five more ties as a result. The ties really are first rate. Keep up the great work!”
– John C., Boca Raton, FL, WPEC News12

“The ties for our choir have arrived and they look FABULOUS!!! Thank you.”
– Barbara I., Issaquah High School, Issaquah, WA

“I just received the custom ties about 10 minutes ago. They look great! Thank you so much for the speedy production and the great customer service. You have definitely made us an annual customer.”
– Jason B., Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Got your Tie-on-Tie design recently. Absolutely fantastic. Very lush. I don't know how you do it, but your designs are brilliant, and your ties are impeccably made. No one, not even the wackiest of designers, has come up with such a design!”
– Cory M., Buffalo, NY

“I've been thrilled with your ties and your prices, and have gotten more compliments on your ties than on some that have cost quite a bit more.”
– Jack L., Columbus, OH

“I just wanted to let you know that the two bow ties I ordered for my father for Father's Day were fantastic and he loved them. I have also recommended the site to my brother and told him to pick out some for his birthday.”
– Lenna P., New York, NY

“Thank you so much! I got my order today and the self-tie bow ties are absolutely beautiful. I've ordered from you in the past and my husband loves your bow ties. Thanks again, I will be ordering from you again soon.”
– Pamela K., Fairfield, CA

“I would just like to say thank you for the great and fast service. I ordered the tie for my soon-to-be-husband only a couple days ago, and I was amazed to see it at my front door. I went shopping with the tie I ordered from your website, and sooo many people asked where I got such a nice tie. They were amazed by the price. Keep up the good work and I'll be ordering a lot more ties from you, I promise. ”
– Manni P., Surrey, BC, Canada

“I bought two ties and about six pocket squares. The quality is great, and the designs are wonderful! I know certain "fashion superstores" that sell ties for this amount, but not this level of quality. Keep it up. I'll be back next pay day.”
– Joey R., Harvey, LA

“There is no question about your silk quality; it's simply great. And your paisley designs are very well done. I think they can even easily beat expensive Italian silk ties. You will see me coming after your floral/paisley designs again! Your ties deserve even more media attention.”
– Koorosh H., Amherst, MA

“Thank you! I just got my first order from you today and love your product so I'm buying more...perfect combination of quality, price and selection!”
– Robert D., Princeton, MA

“Thank you so much for going above and beyond. That kind of customer service in any economy is what brings people back and breeds loyalty. Thank you again.”
– Helen S., Stamford, CT

“I just recieved my order from you. Again, I am completely in awe at the brilliance of the colors and texture that both of these ties have. I wore the Red Paisley tie to work today, and I felt like I was worth a million bucks. Really, I felt utterly fantastic about how I looked, and it was all because of the tie I was wearing from the Tie Bar. Thank you for making me feel special. I am a customer of yours for life, I will not buy ties anywhere else. ”
– John T., Phoenix, AZ

“I just received my recent tie order and they are great looking and of high quality as usual. l am afraid to look at the new collection, because I can't afford to buy them all! I just turned a co-worker onto the site, who wears a tie everyday. Thanks for the great ties and your customer service is bar none (excuse the pun.)”
– Darnell T., Atlanta GA

“Your ties are beautiful...when my friends get them, they wear them during all of our seasonal meetings.”
– Janice W., Fall River, MA

“Thank you for the quick delivery on the 4 ties I ordered. The ties are of exceptional quality and I look forward to ordering more in the future.”
– Clarence M., Camrose, Alberta, Canada

“I placed my first Tie Bar order last week and was surprised to receive them yesterday (Monday). I wore one today at work and received, with no prompting, several compliments. The quality of the ties, the appearance, and the fast service all insure that I'll be buying more ties from you in the near future. I've already recommended your site to several guys on my staff. Thanks for the excellent service and excellent ties. I look forward to ordering again!”
– Rick B., Green Island, NY

“Thank you for the prompt service and quality products. My wife particularly loves the tie bars I ordered. I will be a repeat customer.”
– Henry A., Ovid, CO

“The package was delivered and the ties looked great on the groomsmen. They matched my husband's tie perfectly! Just what I was looking for. If we're ever in need of another tie, I'll be back.”
– Jennifer P., Springfield, MO

“If you look at my order record you'll see that over the past 10 months I've bought circa 18 - 20 bow ties from you. They're great. Thanks to The Tie Bar, you guys are my new lease on personality.”
– William R., Alexandria, VA

“I just received 8 of the herringbone pool blue ties and they are perfect match for my summer wedding. I am so pleased with how nice they are, thank you very much!”
– Tonya M., Washington, PA

“I just received my ties. I am impressed by the quality and pricing. Thank you. I will certainly conduct business with you again.”
– David H., Toronto, ON, Canada

“I enjoy your ties very much, but I will have to stop myself soon since I have bought so many in the past few weeks. But the quality and the price can't be beat! Great job!”
– Gregory J., Chicago, IL

“I love the ties!... they look good on-air at the TV station I work at. I'm sure I'll do business with you again.”
– Larry B., Fletcher, NC

“I received my tie yesterday. I'm very impressed with the quality and the attention to the packing. The FedEx link was great since some companies don't even give you a tracking number. Thanks again.”
– Kim Y., Vancouver, BC, Canada

“I've gotta say, your site rocks! I'm so happy with the quality of the ties and the shirt I bought. I will definitely shop at TheTieBar.com again.”
– Jeff J., Cincinnati, OH

“The custom ties and scarves that you made for our school look fantastic. Even better than I'd hoped. You guys did a masterful job. Thank you, more than I can express.”
– Jean-Marc, Mesa, AZ

“Thanks for having The Tie Bar website. It makes tie shopping so easy. And with your great selection, now the only hard part is making a choice!”
– Brien B., Elmont, NY

“I just have to send in a note to say thanks to The Tie Bar! I received a call from the owner letting me know that there were only 2 in stock! He gave me some other options that could satisfy my needs! I am just very impressed at a business that makes the effort to just pick up the phone and contact someone! In the Internet business that is very unusual, I am very happy and will recommend The Tie Bar to others!”
– Benjamin H., Memphis, TN

“My ties arrived yesterday, and they look great! I'm wearing one today and already I'm getting lots of compliments. Nice doing business with you!”
– Peter L., Ann Arbor, MI

“I received the clover ties in the mail last week and I just wanted to tell you I am VERY happy with them. It is MUCH, MUCH better than what MWTUX claims is the match to David's Bridal "clover". I am referring anyone I can to you guys! Thanks!”
– Kitty S., Dallas, TX

“I really love your ties. The quality is superb. I have recommended you to my friends. I plan to order more in the future. Thank you.”
– Blanca S., Madrid, Spain

“Got your ties yesterday and they are beautiful. Well made and of good quality material. Ordered a few more from another store and they were not as nice. Thank you!”
– Diane P., Downers Grove, IL

“Thank you for such wonderful service! The ties were embroidered and turned out great. The ties were made for the National College Mascot champions and the team that won the championship. They loved the ties! Thanks again!”
– Loree H., Arvada, CO

“I love your ties. Your patterns are the best the prices are tremedous, and I would not buy another tie from anyone. This by far, is one of the best shops I have ever visted. Just the very best!”
– Ismail M., Detriot, MI

“I would like to say, "thank you for helping me find such wonderful bowties." WOW… What a selection. The ease of navigating throughout the site, excellent pricing, quality material and craftsmanship, and tremendous selections.”
– Benjamin C., Adelphi, MD

“Just wanted to tell you how great your website is. I have bought in the past and recently was looking for a tie with my girlfriend for a wedding we are attending. She dragged me through four department stores and I couldn't find anything that I wanted to buy. I told her I would just get one from your site and she was skeptical. She questioned the quality so I pulled out the ones I had previously bought. She immediatedly emailed her dad (a lawyer) about the site. I always recieve compliments when I wear one of your ties. Keep up the great work.”
– Michael R., Stokesdale, NC

“Just received my 2 ties, and quite impressed. You just saved me quite a bit of money, since I was looking at tie from a high priced men’s shop. Thanks for everything. ”
– Guy Keating Amarillo, TX

“We love the custom ties you made for us!”
– OnStar by GM, Detroit, MI

“I received your ties and they are great. I'll be telling all my undertaker friends about you. As a matter of fact, I'm at a huge conference next week and will pass on the word.”
– Michael W., Timmons, ON, Canada

“Wow, where do I start? I received a gift certificate for Christmas and was somewhat hesitant. I'm very particular about my ties and was amazed at not only the selection, but the quality and speed of delivery. The price is so low that it doesn't even warrant comment. Fantastic!!!”
– Sean C., Oak Park, IL

“Just to let you know my tie order arrived in three days. The ties were everything that I expected they would be.”
– Mitch G., Nesconset, NY

“My husband received the ties and they are all really handsome. He is very pleased with the quality and the value. Thank you very much for your wonderful customer service.”
– Judy M., Chicago, IL

“We just love you guys! Thanks for all of your help over the past year!”
– Lisa D., Rockville, MD

“Great ties-great prices. I find it difficult to find quality extra long ties that are reasonably priced. You provide both. Thanks.”
– David M., Southhaven, MS

“Not only did I receive my bow ties quickly, but I wanted to convey to you how extremely pleased I am. They are beautiful! I am a member of the clergy for half my life, and being from the old school, I believe that a man looks so much more distinct wearing a bow tie. Thank you!”
– Rev. Michael H., Jamaica, NY

“Your tie collection is wonderful and I have been a long time customer. I am a doctor who chose to leave my practice in the states and work with our troops who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan. You can be sure that I will be making more orders in the future.”
– Terry M., Vilseck, Germany

“I received my order. I couldn't be more pleased. Great quality, well made, super service. A beautiful tie.”
– Gary M., Santa Fe, NM

“Just a note to say thanks for the fast delivery of a superb tie. Most impressed throughout. I've also book marked your page for future orders.”
– V.W. James, London, UK

“I got your ties today, and I am already wearing one of the bow ties. Excellent price/quality ratio! I just put in another order.”
– William C., Chicago, IL

“Thank you so much "The Tie Bar"! I absolutely LOVE my tie that I purchased from you all! It's very awesome quality, and it keeps firm all throughout the day!! Also, I received this item within no time! The shipping was lightening-speed fast! Very awesome! Thanks again The Tie Bar! ”
– Rashae A., Chapell Hill, NC

“Hey Guys, you raise "the bar" in customer service!! Ordered Sunday night - email contact letting me know I can "chill" on Monday and the graduate's bow ties arrived in Tuesday's mail!! The 14 year old male is now most confident he will be the best looking soon to be high school freshman In the room of 450 graduating 8th graders!! Thank you and... ... All is right in the world again.”
– Carrie J., Palatine, IL

“You guys make the best ties and have the widest variety I've seen. Everyone has a positive comment everytime I wear one of your ties.”
– Sayo D., New York, NY

“As a school teacher, this has been the perfect place for me to buy ties...Being able to fill my wardrobe with great looking ties to wear to work without spending a ton of money just gives me one more way to teach my math students how to get the biggest bang for their buck.”
– Kyle M., Birmingham, AL

“I just had to send your company feedback. I was buying this tie as a gift for my best friend and not only was I amazed at the prices, but upon delivery quite pleased with the quality of the tie. It looks even better in person, and the package was so personable and well presented. I will be recommending this site to every male in my family!! All I have to say is .... amazing!”
– Samantha P., New York, NY

“You have great service. Your ties are absolutely the best. I am sending all my friends to your site.”
– Richard M., Orlando, FL

“I just wanted to send you feedback on a tie that I had ordered from your website. I got the silver tie with black diamonds, and it was a huge hit at the formal I went to down here at IU. Thanks for coming up with such a great, affordable product.”
– Adam S., Bloomington, IN

“Just wanted to drop an email to rave about your ties! I wear ties but don't spend much time trying "dress up". It's just match the colors and go, so I'm not used to people commenting about what I wear. However, I have had more positive comments about your ties than for anything I've ever worn! Thanks.”
– Don S., Naperville, IL

“These are the sharpest ties for any amount! A similar tie at a high end store is at least 50 bucks. I bought three for that amount and they are thick, bright, and sturdy. These ties rule! I'm going to order three more!”
– Michael H., Cincinnati OH

“I just received my order for two Extra Long ties today. I just wanted to express my approval of your product. The ties are gorgeous. I am sure the recipient of these ties (my nephew who is a former Pro Football tackle) will love them. My husband, too, was so impressed with your merchandise. I plan to order more in the near future.”
– Felicia W., St. Ann, MO

“I ordered ties as gifts for my buddies at work.............they loved them! Who knew you tie one on for such a reasonable price?”
– Rick O., Winnetka, IL

“I just received my order of two ties and am very impressed. I got an orange-striped tie and a brown plaid that look so cool. Also, you guys package these things with class - nice card included with the order. Please don't change your packaging. Definite repeat customer. THANKS!”
– Jeff C., Greenville, NC

“I am so pleased with the 7 ties I just received. Buying over the internet can be risky, but it was well worth it. They are beauties.”
– Stan B., Catonsville, MD

“I just received my order, and I am very impressed with the quality. I look forward to seeing what you will have for shirts since I will definitely buy more from you. Thanks again.”
– John S., Southport, CT

“How is it economically possible to just buy one? At such excellent prices and outstanding quality and beauty, it is nearly tempting to buy the whole store without delay! Well, thank you!”
– Avery P., Hauppauge, NY

“I recently purchased two XL ties from your website and I am extremely happy with the ties that I received. Thank you for having a good product. Since my recent positive experience, I have told every person in my office, along with friends about your website. Again, thank you. I am one satisfied customer.”
– Hector B., Carol Stream IL

“I have placed two tie orders from your company and am addicted to the idea. The ties are everything I had hoped for.”
– William P., Melrose Park, IL

“Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived today. The ties look really fantastic! I've already recommended you to a buddy of mine.”
– Michael S., Toronto, ON, Canada

“I just received my order and wanted to say THANK YOU so much. The ties are lovely!!! I thought it was great that the owner contacted me and was willing to help me out. Thank you so much for all of your help!”
– Katie A., Ypsilanti, MI

“I just recieved the ties, they are wonderful! Turned out to be exactly what I wanted. Thanks so much!”
– Novelle H., Americus, GA

“The tie arrived in 2 days It's beautiful. I wanted to thank you for the wonderful customer service that I received from your store. If I ever need a tie again, I'll come straight to you.”
– Marty O., Forest Hills, NY

“Just writing to tell you that I've received my tie and like it very much. It is of great quality and I look forward to buying more from you in the future.”
– Derek S., Durham, NC

“I received the custom order ties yesterday, and I am very impressed. They are stunning and of very fine quality. The bridal party is going to look great. I am soooo pleased....Thank you so much, it was a pleasure working with you and I will be sure to recommend your site to others.”
– Anna D., Southington, CT

“I received my ties. Thanks for a quick turnaround and the ties are excellent. You guys are greaaaaaaaaaaat. Once again, you guys are the best.”
– Kojo O., Toronto, ON, Canada

“I love your tie! Great job on shipping it within 24 hours. I will definitely shop your store again!”
– Kym W., Franklin, ID

“I received my purchase two days after placing my order and the quality of your ties FAR exceeds the over-priced designer ties. Keep designing more ties - you have a new loyal customer and I'm passing the web site to my co-workers and friends!”
– Darryl D., San Antonio TX

“I just received my first Trendy tie, and I've gotten a lot of friendly comments about it. I love the quality of the tie, and am anxiously looking forward to the next one!”
– Paul R., Warwick, N.Y. -- Tie of The Month Club Member

“Was amazed to see that the three ties I ordered on Thursday of last week were delivered by Saturday! Thanks for your promptness. I have worn all 3 this week and like them all. I am also impressed that they look identical to the photos on your website. Today I have received several compliments from people about the one I am wearing. Will order others in the future and will be sure to spread the word about your website.”
– John P., Chicago, IL

“You guys rock. I love your ties!!!”
– Kelly M., Clementon, NJ

“I just received my first tie in the mail and I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how impressed I am with the quality of this tie and your prompt service! You can count on continued orders from me! Thanks for everything!”
– Evan K., Phoenix, AZ -- Tie of The Month Club Member

“I received my ties today, and they are absolutely gorgeous quality. And who can beat the price! These are for the groomsmen in my wedding, and I am going to be proud to present them with your ties! Thank you so much.”
– Allison C., New Bern NC

“I received my ties very quickly, and they are beautiful. I had many compliments the very first time I wore one. I am a customer of yours from now on. ”
– Augie B., Clam Lake, WI

“What fantastic service! Ordered on Monday (holiday), shipped on Tuesday, arrived on Wednesday! The are absolutely perfect, too. It's so hard to find reasonably priced XL ties that look good. Thanks so much for your great customer service and your selection. I will be back.”
– Julie D., Oregon, IL

“Thanks for the quick delivery!!! You have amazing service. I'll definitely order from you again.”
– Jen C., Naperville, IL

“Your company continues to consistently outdo itself. It's been 8 ties in 5 months and counting. Matter of fact, I owe the person who introduced me to The Tie Bar a drink, this one's on me. Cheers Tie Bar, it's been money well spent.”
– Willard A., Kingston, Jamaica

“I really love the 21 ties I have bought from you. Thanks for offering such a fantastic value.”
– Lewis T., Charlotte, NC

“I have made at least four orders from The Tie Bar over the past two years. I love the quality and the design. The colors are so vibrant. I have received many nice comments about my ties. Keep up the great work.”
– Don K., Champaign, IL

“What a great way to purchase ties!!! My husband needs the extra long ties, and to find them so reasonably priced is wonderful. Your site is easy to use, and the customer service is friendly and prompt.”
– Melissa S., Columbus, IN

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