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: Grey
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Suits to Match: Black, Navy

Material: Linen Check: 100% Linen
Dotted Dots: 20% Linen/80% Silk
Solid Linen Pocket Square With Rolled Border: 100% Linen
Linen Houndstooth Pane: 100% Printed Linen
Threaded Zig-zag: 100% Spun Silk

Fabric Care: Imported, Dry-clean Only

Dimensions: 12 in. wide x 12 in. long

Stylist Notes: PL123 Linen Check - White
PL205 Dotted Dots - Silver
PL250 Solid Linen With Rolled Border - Silver
PL309 Linen Houndstooth Pane - Silver
PP1487 Threaded Zig-zag - Grey

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