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The Grey And Purple Style Box Gift Set

SKU: TIE-4102-0174

The Grey And Purple Style Box Gift Set

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Checks & Balance/Utopia Paisley: 100% Woven Silk
Daydream Plaid: 100% Woven Silk
Fountain Solid: 20% Linen/80% Silk

Fabric Care

Imported, Dry-clean Only

Suits to Match

Black, Navy

Stylist Notes

Checks & Balance - Charcoal (Tie)
Utopia Paisley - Lilac (Tie)
Daydream Plaid - Purple/Charcoal (PSq)
Fountain Solid - Silver (PSq)
Solid Texture - Grey (Socks)
Woodland Stripe - Eggplant (Socks)
Charcoal (Lapel Flower)
Grey (Lapel Flower)
Brushed Straight Silver - 1.5 in. (Tie Bar)


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