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Stripe Type - Green Teal/Aqua Regular Length (58" x 3 ½")
Stripe Type - Deep Red Regular Length (58" x 3 ½")
Stripe Type - Baby Blue Regular Length (58" x 3 ½")
Subtotal: $45.00

Spotlight - Black (PSq)

Spotlight - Black (PSq)
Rows of serene blue, silver gray and plum polka dots pop off the textured silk background.

Regular Size (10.5" x 10.5"): $8.00


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  Customer Testimonials:
“.....I wanted to let you know that the lime polka dot ties could not be more PERFECT for my wedding if I had it comissioned!!! You have been so attentive and helpful that a huge stress has been alleviated!.....” 
–Leigh Anne T., Torrance, CA   

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