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What is The Tie Bar? Who are you?

Who are we? Who are YOU is the better question!

If you’re not familiar with us, we’re about to become your favorite place for neckwear and other men’s accessories. Our ties and accessories have been featured by major media outlets such as GQ Magazine, Esquire, Details, Maxim Magazine, Men’s Health, the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune and numerous other national periodicals, fashion/style magazines and wedding magazines.

Why? Because we design our own colorful and stylish products, and then sell them at unbelievable prices. Don't believe it? Read our Testimonials or browse the Media Coverage we've received around the world.

See our About Us page to hear our story.

Can I really buy stylish, high quality products at these prices?



What size are your neckties?

The length of our regular ties is about 58 inches. This is the standard necktie length available at most stores and fits most people. The best way to tell is to measure a regular tie that fits you now. If it is around 58 inches, then regular ties from The Tie Bar will fit.

We offer our regular length neckties in four different widths, ranging from traditional to skinny. Consult our
size guide for more information about our width options.

Remember guys, your necktie should hit at the top of your belt, or no more than a half inch below the waist line. Anything else, and your co-workers will talk about you behind your back (Trust me, before our founding, we used to do it all the time...)

How long are your extra length ties?

About 63 inches, which is pretty standard for extra long ties. If you're 6'2" or taller, we recommend long ties. If you have a big neck, regardless of your height, we recommend long ties.

If you need longer ties, you can also check out, where they carry great silk ties that are 67 inches long.

What size are your bow ties?

Like our neckties, all of our regular-sized bow ties are handmade of silk, linen, cotton or wool. Our regular-sized bow ties are standard 2.5" tall and make a strong knot around your neck. Our slim bow ties are just 1.5" tall. All bow ties have an adjustable clasp that can be worn with neck sizes 13 3/4" to 18 1/2".

Are your bow ties pre-tied or self-tie?


Depending on the tie, you have the option of ordering pre-tied (to make life easier) or self-tie (for those gifted people out there who actually know how to tie a bow tie – and if you don’t know, we’ll teach you!) On the product page, simply choose which option you'd like (where available).

If only one option is available, it means the other option has sold out or that we only offer one type.

How do I adjust a pre-tied bow tie?

It's simple:

On the band of the bow tie, you will see numbers (they correspond with your neck size). Next to each of those numbers are eyelets (horizontal openings) that the metal, T-shaped piece will slide into. It will lock into place once you have done so. This is how you adjust the neck size. From there you take the strap of the pre-tied bow tie around your neck, and the metal piece that slides freely on the strap will hook into the hook on the front of the bow tie. Tadaaa!

Since I can't feel your ties, can you tell me if they're thin or thick?

Our ties are generally not thin. We make all of our neckwear using a thicker interlining and a high concentration of silk, so that the quality remains high. Thicker ties are typically more resilient and last longer.

Are your ties stain resistant?

The silk ties are stain resistant. Cottons, wools and other blends are not.

How often do you add new designs?

Often. We release a new collection every month. Additionally, we constantly restock past designs that sell out quickly after their original release.  So we'll always have new ties (and old favorites) for you to choose from!

I need to buy several ties of the same design. Do you have enough in stock?

We seem to be quite a popular website for weddings, schools and organizations who are all looking to buy a larger quantity of the same tie. Do we have enough of that design to fill your order? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. To know for sure, we ask that you email us first at to find out. If we don't have enough ties in stock, there are times where we'll be able to make a special order for you - just ask nicely (we aim to please!).

Are your testimonials real?

Yes, sir (or ma'am). Our customers love our ties, and they love to tell us about it. And once you receive your ties (you're ordering, right?), you'll see what our prices can get you.

Where should I wear my tie bar?

Tricky question because the truth is, everyone's style is different. Originally, the tie bar was clipped between the third and fourth button on your shirt (functional). Nowadays however, we're seeing and advising that people wear it between the second and third button from the top (just above the third button) - this is where we find the sweet spot to be. And some people like tie bars to fit across the entire length of the tie, while others prefer the tie bar to cover only part of the tie – just as long as it’s never longer than the tie. Whatever your preference, you can purchase our tie bars right here.

How is a slide clasp tie bar different than a pinch clasp tie bar?

Slide clasps work far differently than pinch clasps, and you need to understand the difference before you wear one. Unlike pinch clasps, once a slide clasp fits around the tie, it will keep its shape. So when wearing a slide clasp for the first time, carefully open it up just wide enough to fit around your tie. Then, once it is around the tie, you have to pinch it closed tightly. The slide clasp will stay in place all day with no issues. When removing the slide clasp at the end of the day, you must then pinch it tightly together again as best you can. This is the best way a slide clasp will keep its shape. 

Do your items ever go on sale?

No. Never. Why?

Well, we've always abhored retailers who mark something up, and then mark it down to a "sale price". It's a bunch of bullsh*t. 

So we don't do that. No gimmicks. No sales. Our items are the same price all the time.

They’re already a steal. Just read our testimonials if you don't believe us.

We do, however, run special promotions each year, but they’re aimed at our existing customers. So if you want to get in on it, buy a tie!

Do you have any kids or boys ties?

Yes, we have children's ties - and here they are.

My order was declined, but my statement is showing a charge. Why?

Don't worry. This is your credit card company's bank that's holding your attempted order as "pending". Some banks do this, others do not. You were not charged, but your order also won't go through our system until you enter the correct Billing Address for your credit card. If you have any additional questions, you will have to contact your credit card company - we cannot control how they handle their billing functions. Sorry.

I found a coupon code on a website, but it doesn't work. Why?

Because those websites are unreliable and unaffiliated with our company. You will not find a single valid coupon code for our website on sites like tjoos, retailmenot, ultimatecoupons, etc. So don't contact us asking why they don't work. Unhappy with that answer? Then contact them to complain about it - not us.

Is my email and credit card information kept confidential and secure?

Very confidential and VERY secure.

The Tie Bar does not sell customer names or addresses. We never have and we never will sell or otherwise give your email address to anyone - not even our mothers.

However, we will send e-mails to notify you when new ties or designs are in stock, if we're running a promotion and with The Tie Bar content we think you will like.

When ordering online, your credit card information is handled electronically with no human contact.

Still, if you're one of those nervous nellies, then call us and we'll gladly take your order over the phone.

When will my order ship?

Except for unique circumstances at peak times, all orders are shipped out the next business day. Holidays are not business days. Weekends are not business days. Weekend orders will be shipped on the following Monday. Shipping times vary depending on which method of shipping you select (see below).

If you're looking for a last-minute gift, try our Gift Cards, emailed instantly to you after your order is placed.

Can I change or cancel an order that I have already placed?

Sorry - once you’ve confirmed your order, we can’t cancel or change it. So please make sure you review your order carefully before you confirm it!

How much is shipping? How long will my order take to arrive?

Please visit our Shipping Information page right here and you'll find the answers. Read it carefully! 

What is your return/exchange policy?

Please visit our Returns & Exchanges page right here and you'll find your answer. Read it carefully!

Can I have my order gift wrapped?

They sorta, kinda, in a way already are gift wrapped.

All of our U.S. orders (not each tie, but the orders) are shipped in an elegant, sturdy white box. Most of these orders will arrive handsomely packaged with tissue paper and a sticker – similar to how a department store packages clothing items. If you need extra gift boxes for the ties you ordered, please contact us at 877-888-TIES, and we will be happy to make a special arrangement with you. We also sell special black gift boxes, now available here.

We can handwrite a personal gift message to the recipient, so long as it isn’t too cheesy. (Note that there's no pricing information in a gift package, so your secret is safe with us.)

How will I know that my order is being processed?

You will know that your order went through because you will receive an Order Confirmation email from us when the credit card transaction completes.

If you didn't receive this email confirmation, check your spam folder. If it isn't there, then your order didn't process. (Or you screwed up entering your email address.)

Your tracking information will then be emailed to you upon shipment. Hang on to this email so you can track your package!

I have a question not answered in these FAQ’s.

Wow - really? We feel like we answered everything! Ok - simply call us at 877-888-TIES or send an e-mail to You’ll get your answer, and you'll get it quickly. It's almost scary how quickly.

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