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The Combo Bar

Heritage For The Holidays

In this modern combo, brown and charcoal meet to create a fresh holiday party look. Always a fan of heritage-style accessories, we've mixed a wool/silk necktie with a textured silk square and tweed lapel pin. We love this ensemble with a gray or tweed suit to round out the look.

The Executive Decision

You know your style better than anyone, so for the annual holiday soiree, make the executive decision to stick with festive yet conservative accessories. Shades of deep red allow this combo to set the perfect tone, while still ringing true to your luxe taste. Top it off with a neutral, goes-with-anything tie bar.

When in Doubt, Choose Black

Black, the classic color for formalwear and leading role in this combo, serves as a surefire way to dress to impress. Start by combining a simple dot with an ornate paisley pocket square, both woven in 100% silk. Pull the look together with a tie bar showcasing just the right amount of polish.