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The Combo Bar

Live On The Creative Edge

This holiday season, throw caution to the wind and boldly mix patterns. Start with a paisley tie featuring a unique, deconstructed bandana pattern. Really let your creative side shine by doubling (or rather quadrupling) up with our new four-way houndstooth pocket square, unlike anything you own.

Mixin' Up Some Modern

With this modern combo, forego formal black and tag in midnight navy. It's no secret we love a tonal look, so we started this ensemble by mixing a velvet bow tie and lace-inspired pocket square (two holiday staples). It's bound to be brisk outside, so wrap up with a 100% wool scarf to finish the look.

The Executive Decision

You know your style better than anyone, so for the annual holiday soiree, make the executive decision to stick with festive yet conservative accessories. Shades of deep red allow this combo to set the perfect tone, while still ringing true to your luxe taste. Top it off with a neutral, goes-with-anything tie bar.