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The Combo Bar

Cue The Countdown

We're ticking off the days 'til warmer weather. Brighten the last leg of winter by tying on a subtle floral tie in navy and red, all while remaining true to your classic sense of style. Continue the red and blue theme with a bold pair of striped socks, then add a cotton gingham square in sky blue for a head-turning pop of color.

Mo' Color

Up your color quota this winter and wear burgundy like a man. Start with a preppy bow tie and textured pocket square, both featuring a top color for the season. Throw on a classic navy suit, then go for the gold by pulling on a collegiate-inspired sock.

Business Hours

When it comes to your 9-5 gig and what you wear, make it count. We've combined three pieces that, while boardroom appropriate, are nothing close to boring. Start with a sophisticated pinstripe. Pair it with an unstuffy, jewel-toned square and purple tie bar for added interest. Wear with whatever gray suit you're into that day.

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